Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are we going to the carwash?

Imagine yourself sitting in the carwash with a little boy screaming and crying because he is terrified. Why is he terrified? You have no idea so you avoid the car wash until your car is so dirty it is the one driving down the street with all kinds of lovely graffiti on the side....written with a finger in the dirt.

Now imagine that you have had a lovely day shopping with the family. Pants for the hubs, Easter clothes for the kiddos, and thanks to a coupon for a free animal, two new Build-A-Bears. Hubs says "Let's go to the carwash" kind of in a lowtalker voice to avoid the inevitable "NOOO" from the backseat. "Ok" you think maybe this time will be different. Maybe we won't have to remove the highly disturbed child from the car before going through.

Now picture an excited little boy, holding tight to his new bear (named very creatively Bear), saying "I not scared ayemo!!" There is a smile on his sweet face and excitement when the water splashes over his windows.

In honor of the major accomplishment there was Mcdonalds Ice Cream cones for everyone!!

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