Friday, February 29, 2008

The Things we do for Sleep

I have battled with severe acid reflux for years and finally went to the doctor 2 weeks ago. He was very nice and put me on some samples of a drug called Acifex. It was like a miracle drug! I have not had ANY acid reflux in the last two week. I called back on Tuesday to let him know that I was feeling good and he said to go ahead and schedule an endoscopy so we could check to make sure everything was ok. He wanted to check to make sure I didn't have a hiatal hernia, lesions on my esophagus, or a condition call Barretts.

This morning was the big day. Bobby and the kids came with me for the procedure. While I was in doing my thing he took them to Krispy Kreme for breakfast.
The nurse that was putting my IV in missed the first time (I am not scared of needles and I have a fairly high pain tolerance but I would rather not be jabbed a bunch of times) and said "I am going to have someone else do your IV because when the vein rolls I just am done!" I said "I appreciate that" with a smile. She looked relieved that I didn't bite her head off for getting it the first time. The other nurse came over and had that thing in in 3 seconds flat!

As they were rolling me down the hall I had a memory of being rushed to the ER for Little Mans emergency C-Section. It was nice to see the ceiling tiles moving but not flashing by so fast I couldn't count them. The nurse in the procedure room sprayed some stuff in my throat to make it numb and then said when I started to get sleepy they would put a bite block in my mouth. That is the last thing I remember until I woke up in the recovery room. Bobby and our kiddos were there and apparently I was snoring quite loudly! :)

We took Munchkin to school and then Bobby dropped me off at home. He turned on the TV for Little Man who pretty much sat in front of the TV until 1:15 this afternoon watching everything the Disney Channel had to offer. Maybe not Disney, I think I remember turning it to Noggin when he said he didn't want to watch Zach and Cody.

I am still a little sleepy and here it is 5:18. But I got 2 hours of totally uninterrupted sleep this morning. Sure, there was a tube down my throat but who's complaining? :)

Oh yeah, since I don't remember anything, if you need to get an endoscopy done it is a simple procedure!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On top of everything else

Isn't is nice to know that when you have lived in a place for 7 years, know the people at the utility district by name, and have never had a late payment that they will shut your water off. Yep, even after paying over 50% of your previous months bill..make that 71%, they will still come shut your water off and charge you $20 to reconnect it.

In January I paid $65 to the Utility District because that was what our bill was the month before. Well, apparently the flood we had caused us to have a bill that was $25 higher. I have never paid this bill late. I have walked it in and handed it to the people in the office and they always give my kids suckers. Today I came home to an orange flyer on my door and no water. So, I am off to pay the $25 along with the next bill that isn't due until March 11th and the extra $20 to reconnect my water. Nice. If it was under $10 they wouldn't have turned it off.

I know, I am an idiot and should have paid the $25 before now but we didn't have it, so there you go. Even more frustrating to me is the fact that this really is just an inconvenience to me. Yes, it is taking an extra $20 out of my grocery budget but what about the people that really can't afford it. Grr.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Snow day in our county too!! Back to bed I go after getting a phone call at 5:47 am. We all get to sleep in!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


One of the times I get to spend with other mamas is at MOPS. Munchkin did not go to preschool and Little Man so far has not either so that is my 2 times a month my kids are away from me. I may put Little Man in Mothers Day Out the fall though...we'll see.
We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Our last meeting was canceled due to snow and school is closed tomorrow for snow. So, no meeting tomorrow either. I am kind of hoping for a snow day for our county too but I probably should not count on it. Yeah for scraping ice off my windshield in the morning.
Has anyone else noticed that every time it has snowed it has been on Tuesday nights?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Scrapbooking is fun!

This weekend was a weekend dedicated to scrapbooking. I love going and hanging out with the girls and getting so much accomplished. At the same time I miss my hubby and my babies like crazy. I got around 65 pages done all in Munchkins Kindergarten album. It is looking like she is going to have 2 Kindergarten albums. Doh.
Now, if I had a room just for holding scrapbooks we wold be good to go! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

You Know You Are Getting Old When....

the eye doctor is younger than you.

I went to get my eyes checked because contrary to popular belief "I don't see very well".
Actually I just can't see at night.... or when it is raining..... or at dusk(I wouldn't make a very good vampire).

The nurse, who looked like she could still be in high school did all of the prelim stuff and told me the Doctor would be right in. When he entered the room I thought of a friend of ours from college 10 years ago and of that meteorologist on channel 5. He was nice enough but I really thought what classes is he skipping to check my eyes? Yikes.
I asked the nurse how old he was.....dun dun dun...28. Yep I am feeling old.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's grosser than gross?

Turning a cup upside down to put in the dishwasher and coating the entire bottom rack of dishes with curdled milk. Yep, I almost puked.

The Curse of the Brown Table

I have this coffee table. I bought it 7 years ago at an "antique" store. It was a decent piece of furniture but didn't really fit with anything we have. So, we put it outside on our front porch like the rednecks we apparently are. Because of time and weather the strip around the side of it has kind of warped.
We are in the process of trying to get our house ready to sell so I decided it was time for the table to go. I tried selling it in a yard sale, no luck. I tried to give it to AmVets, they wouldn't take it.
Monday I took it to Goodwill. I loaded the stinking thing in my truck ripping a hole in the leg of my jeans in the process. Do you think Goodwill would take the darn thing? No! They were more than happy to take my glider that I painted myself and rocked both of my babies in. They were happy to take the 4 badminton rackets, 5 cookie tins, and several pairs of shoes. It really is not in that bad of shape!

So, I decided to take it to the dump. I had never been there but figured it wouldn't be too hard to find. Wouldn't you know it? They are not open on Presidents Day. Argh!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are we going to the carwash?

Imagine yourself sitting in the carwash with a little boy screaming and crying because he is terrified. Why is he terrified? You have no idea so you avoid the car wash until your car is so dirty it is the one driving down the street with all kinds of lovely graffiti on the side....written with a finger in the dirt.

Now imagine that you have had a lovely day shopping with the family. Pants for the hubs, Easter clothes for the kiddos, and thanks to a coupon for a free animal, two new Build-A-Bears. Hubs says "Let's go to the carwash" kind of in a lowtalker voice to avoid the inevitable "NOOO" from the backseat. "Ok" you think maybe this time will be different. Maybe we won't have to remove the highly disturbed child from the car before going through.

Now picture an excited little boy, holding tight to his new bear (named very creatively Bear), saying "I not scared ayemo!!" There is a smile on his sweet face and excitement when the water splashes over his windows.

In honor of the major accomplishment there was Mcdonalds Ice Cream cones for everyone!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


The weekend of the Superbowl Bobby and I took the kids and his dad over to Ron and Angela's for the game. We were excited to hang out since we hadn't done that in awhile. Munchkin was sooo excited to the The Ballerina (who I think will now be called the Soccer star).

After an exciting game we plugged in our Wii and played Guitar Hero. Bobby was, of course, the best at it. But, everyone else, once they got the hang of it did pretty well too! :)
We had the normal "I don't want to leave" drama with Munchkin and ended up letting her stay home from school the next day because she had been up so late the night before.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CuppyCake Update

Well, the cupcake store is not open yet. I am glad I was already downtown and didn't make a special trip as that was kind of disappointing. So, I'll tell ya about it when we actually get to have the Cupcake Experience!

In other news, I went to the GI doctor today. Shockingly, I have Acid Reflux. The Dr put me on some medicine twice a day to help and told me to cut out precious!!!

In two weeks I am supposed to call back and tell him how I am feeling. We will probably schedule a scope at that point to see how big the hiatal hernia is that I have and to see what kind of damage my esophagus has. Then we'll figure out where to go from there.

Hopefully we can figure all of this out. It would be nice to be able to eat Mexican food with my husband without being up all night.

Monday, February 11, 2008


*Do not read this post if you are squeamish or scare easily.....

I for one am not a huge horror movie fan. I saw movies like Nightmare on Elm Street way back at slumber parties in Jr High but I am really not one to just go out and get one to watch. Last night I had the worst nightmare. Now, I have been battling a cold and sinus infection for the last week or so. I haven't been sleeping well and that has caused me a little stress. I am not sure what caused this dream though.

The gist was that I was on a reality TV show where the other contestants and I had to stay in places where actual crimes had occurred or were supposedly haunted. At the first place only three or four of us made it out. The rest turned into vampires. I only got out by the skin of my teeth (haha). Everyone else had left me behind thinking I was a vampire.
I finally found everyone and told the guy at he desk that I was there for the show. The super tattooed, very pierced guy led me up the stairs where we saw blood gushing down the stairs. Needless to say the other contestants had not survived and the guy and I ran down the stairs screaming. That is about the point I woke up. I felt like I had been screaming but apparently that was in my head too.

I do not remember ever having a dream like this before. I have had dreams that have made me laugh out loud in my sleep. I have woken up with tears streaming down my face and I have had a few that I have woken up scared but nothing terrifying like this. It was one of those times waking up in the night that I had to say a prayer.

Have you had dreams like this before that you can remember in such graphic detail?

Sunday, February 10, 2008


One of my little sisters is crazy about cupcakes! She has fake tattoos of them, her myspace page was covered in them, and she calls them cuppycakes.
There is a new place downtown called Gigis cupcakes. We will be trying it out on Tuesday.....details to come!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Early Reader's Bible

OK, I have to give credit to Angela for telling me about this book! We have been looking for Munchkins "God's Little Princess Bible" for awhile now (it has her name in it and we are pretty sure we left it at Longhollow so if any of you out there happen to see it we would love to have it back!) as we think we left it at Longhollow one Sunday. We have finished a couple of devotion books and she has been interested in reading things for herself.

After MyGym Ang and I headed to Zaxbys (we kept a better eye on the boys this time) and then over to Lifeway to look for a copy for Munchkin. It was only $5 and so far has been worth every penny!

It is a paraphrase and there are verse references but wouldn't be one to use for a Bible drill. I gave it to her when I picked her up from school and she immediately opened it up and started to read. She is reading a chapter a day and is loving it! It has a few questions at the end of each chapter so we can discuss. If you have a child that is an early reader I completely recommend this for them!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

7 things about me

Susan tagged me for this so here ya go. Although if you want to know all the nitty gritty dirt on me I will refer you back to this post.

1. I am an avid my mind.....I am about 3 years behind.
2. I can also touch my tongue to my nose!
3. I want to write a book about some of my past experiences that will be beneficial to others...anyone know anyone who will give me a contract?
4. I have zero decorating sense but have good spacial awareness.
5. I would love to be a professional photographer.
6. I prefer cats over dogs any day.
7. I wish we could spend more time with our families on the left coast.

Ok, your turn Angela, Kacey, Jenn, Julie

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unconditional love or selfishness

The Giving Tree has always been one of my very favorite books. I have a copy from when I was a little girl and have just recently pulled it out so Munchkin can experience the joy of this book. It has always represented unconditional love to me. The tree gives everything for the boy and still loves him no matter what. Even when she is not happy she still loves him. It is kind of a God parallel book for me.

The other day as Munchkin was reading the book to Bobby he pointed out how depressing it was because the boy was so selfish. But, isn't that how we all are sometimes? I am glad that no matter how selfish I am sometimes that God still loves me.

What do you think? When you read the Giving Tree are you warm and fuzzy because of the unconditional love aspect. Or, are you disturbed because of how selfish the boy is?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tornado Warning

We are under one, how 'bout you? We are about to head to the basement with the kids, the cat and the dog. Fun....

Edit: We are fine just super tired. I can hardly drag my kids out of bed this morning. Just waiting to hear from friends in Sumner County.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Quiet Reflection

Every so often I have these moments where I feel like my kids are growing so fast and I am missing them. Which is crazy because even though Munchkin is in Kindergarten Little Man is still my constant companion. Every so often you hear people say "don't miss anything you will regret it later" or "it goes by so quickly don't miss a second!". It does go by quickly and I try to treasure each moment with my kiddos.
Today as I watched Munchkin walk through our font door I saw how much of a little girl she is now instead of a baby. I had a glimpse of what she will look like and hopefully act like in 10 years. She was in faded blue jeans and a blue hoodie with purple crocs. She was confident and sassy in a good way. She is so sweet now and I hope she never loses that sweetness. I have a specific memory of the two of us sitting on our porch swing. It was warm and it was raining. She was about 9 months old and still quite bald. She absolutely loved to swing on the porch. I remember putting my lips on her little peach fuzz head and asking God to help me remember that moment. It was a quiet serene moment for the two of us. I know she won't remember it but I do. Those moments are the ones I treasure.
I had one of those moments with Little Man tonight. We were getting the kids ready for bed and he came to me to give me a hug and kiss. He climbed up on my lap and wrapped his sturdy little 3 year old arms around my neck and just squeezed. Again, I asked God to help me remember that moment.
Take time to have some of these moments with your kids. You can't remember every second but you can make some memories that will last you.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A little bit ago I posted a link to As an incentive for posting the link Ray was giving out free tshirts and I got mine yesterday. It was in its holding place on the stairs until it could make it upstairs and Kelsey found it and dragged it to the middle of the living room. Since she was so interested in it I thought she should try it on. I am keeping the shirt for me but I think Kelsey wants to be Followmetees new mascot! What do you think?

Laundry is from the devil!

So, I have really been trying to keep up on laundry but this last week it slid by the wayside. With Little Man being sick and just wanting to sit with me on the couch laundry was the last thing on my mind. This morning we gathered up all of the laundry from all over the bedrooms and this was the result. I am sure those of you with more kids are probably saying "meh! I do that much laundry in a day!"
Believe it or not that is separated into different loads....and there is an extra pee load on the floor. To make things even better I dropped the bottle of detergent on the floor...on its lid...

Happy day. I know I should put in a load everyday to keep up with it but sometimes that is just not feasible. For those of you that do laundry out there...that would be do you keep on top of it. D o you do some everyday or do you have one big laundry day during the week? Do you love it or despise it as the necessary evil that it is? Off I go to throw another load in and figure out how to get the lid out of the detergent.