Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where are you from?

I recently started using Google Analytics and I am really impressed with the different reports. One of the cool things is a map that shows what states or countries people have visited from and some of the cities. I have had hits in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, Lithuania, and about 30 of the 50 United States.

I would love to hear from you in a comment where you live and a little bit about you and how you found my blog! Even my regular commenters can leave a comment too! :)
Even though the report shows the state and pinpoints some cities (hi mom!) it doesn't give me your name. So, let the commenting begin!


  1. I found your blog through other blogs and just enjoy reading them. I live in Northern California.

  2. Welcome to the blog Leah! I have an old roommate named Leah that lives in Norcal! :)

  3. Why do so many people read blogs, but never comment? I'm baffled by that.

  4. central arkansas! if you ever pass through PLEASE drop me a line - i'd love to hang out and catch some live music in the capital city!