Monday, January 14, 2008

So Proud!

Last February Munchkin saw a commercial for Hooked on Phonics. She was convinced she would learn to read if we had it. Sarah graciously let us borrow her (which we still have, let me know when you need it back OK?) HOP set and Munchkin jumped right in. She loves getting all of the little books out and trying to read them. She caught on pretty quickly and at the beginning of the school year she was at level 1 for reading.
Today Munchkin got her report card. By the end of Kindergarten the kids should be reading at level 4. Guess what level she is on now.........6!!!!!! I called Bobby right away to tell him. I am so glad she likes to read! Both Bobby and I love it. Little Man loves it too and I hope that he will like it just as much!


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I am so proud of her. I'm not surprised though since her mommy was reading at a 12th grade level in 4th grade.
    Love ya,

  2. yea, munchkin!!!

    we love hop too! i'm so excited for her!

  3. Awesome! Way to go little Munchkin!

  4. That's wonderful!!

  5. That's great Congratulations.

  6. yea! i'm so glad it helped her. I actually remembered it the other day and was wondering how she was doing. We don't need it currently, probably in the next year or so, just as though we get it back at some point. :) Keep up the awesome job Munchkin!!