Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Love Saturdays

Munchkin has been home for Christmas break the last 2 weeks. She goes back to school on Tuesday and I am so sad. I know she is excited though. She saw one of her buddies from school at walmart and just couldn't stop talking about it!
So, this is our last Saturday before school starts again full force.
Bobby started his new job on Tuesday and has been training the last few days. It is kind of funny since he has been working at this place as a contractor for the last 5 years.
Last night we let Munchkin and Little Man stay up to watch Around the World in 80 Days on the Disney Channel, partly hoping they would sleep in this morning.
We got a few minutes of extra sleep. Little Man has been sleeping in Munchkins room and the two of them play really nicely together when they wake up in the morning.
After the two of them came in to cuddle with us (this happens less and less now that Munchkin is in school) we realized it was 9:45. Yeah for sleeping in!
I came down and made pancakes...that is kind of a treat because we are usually running out the door with a frozen waffle in hand....shaped like Mickey Mouse and decorated with mini M&Ms.
Now we are hanging out in our PJs playing the Wii. I really need to do a load of laundry but I am enjoying just hanging out with my sweet family. I love Saturday!

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