Friday, January 18, 2008


I am being buried alive in an avalanche of paper! Munchkin brings home 2-3 sheets of paper ever day in her folder. The 100th day of school is coming up soon so that means I have close to 300 pieces of paper floating around from just one little girl. Not to mention the copy paper she draws little pictures on and the teeny little pieces of journal paper she tears out after writing sweet letters on them.

I just went through all of her school work from August - December and weeded out a bunch of stuff. I salvaged some of her art work to put in a scrapbook and a few of her in-class papers so she can see what her writing was like and the kinds of things she was doing in Kindergarten. I also obviously kept her certificates for the scrapbook. That all fits in one little Lisa Frank folder.
I also kept about half a shoebox full of other assignments but threw out a stack about 12 inches tall.

What do you do with your kids schoolwork? Do you just throw it out when they are not looking? Do you hold onto it and wait until the end of the school year to toss it? It is just a little overwhelming and if you remember Munchkin is kind of a packrat. She wants to keep every scrap of paper.

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  1. even though we're home, i'm still having the same issue. right now, i'm too busy to go through 'em daily so i'm just stashing them until i can get to them. i plan to pick just my favs and save them. and do it in secret! ;)