Feeling Better

Little Man in on his way back to normal. I think his fever broke around 4 yesterday. We are still hanging out at home today so he can be all better before "The Big Game" Sunday.

Poor baby woke up with bright pink cheeks yesterday and was just kind of lethargic. He also had that cry that you just don't hear unless he feels horrible.
Today though he popped out of bed like his usual energetic self. Plus, you know he is feeling better when every five minutes he is saying "My eat now? I eat sumting now!" Cute boy!

I will get more pictures up here sometime in the near future. My Fireworks Photo Editor is not working on the home computer and the laptop is not talking to the computer so I can't access the pictures to edit them on the laptop. So, I have been stuck for a few days. But, I have some cute ones to share!


  1. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Glad everyone is feeling better! I hate the yuck season of junk and funk!

  2. Anonymous5:54 AM

    glad he's doing better - poor sweeties!


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