Saturday, January 12, 2008


For anyone that knows me knows I despise people that judge others based on skin color or race. It makes me crazy. We are all people, everyone has a story and there is no reason to treat others without respect and love. Moving to the south from California was an eye opening experience for me. In California we were surrounded by all kinds of cultures. It was not unusual to walk into In-N-Out in Azusa and here 2 or 3 languages being spoken. When we moved here I had quite a culture shock due to the lack of diversity.
All that to say tonight I witnessed a major act of discrimination. Bobby has been travelling this weekend and the kids wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was really busy but we finally were seated back in a corner. A black couple was seated right behind me just about the time we ordered our drinks.
When our server came back the couple behind me asked if she was there server because they wanted to order coffee. She looked at them and said "I'll go find him." Now, the guy that came to take their order may have been a brand new server but he didn't know anything about the specials and sounded very unsure of what he was doing. I am pretty sure they pulled him out of the back to take the order.
By the time we left (remember they had been there almost as long as we had) the couple was sitting there sipping their coffee and had still not gotten their food. I heard the guy behind me saying they would not be giving them anymore business...with good reason. Every other table around us had their food and were at least half way through their meals. I like Cracker Barrel but I don't think I will be frequenting that location anymore and I am writing a letter to the company.
What is wrong with people in this day and time that they can't show respect to any and all people.
I'll get off my soapbox now. Just remember if you are around me and you are talking negatively about someone (well, you shouldn't be talking about people for any reason) because of the color of their skin please remember not to do it. I will not agree with you and probably be really angry.


  1. THANK YOU Karen for this post! This type of behavior always drove me nuts as well, but I never realized how I would experience it firsthand as a mother one day. THANKS for bringing light to the fact that racism is still very alive and well and it is up to us to change the way people think. God doesn't see color but mankind does and that's not fair!

  2. and rightly so. i'm born and bred down here in the deep south and hate it as much as you. i can't imagine a place like california, but i know i'd be more at home there than here when it comes to diversity. good for you for writing the company.