Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Be Joyful Always....

Be Joyful Always, Be Joyful Always, Be Joyful Always.........
I have not started 2008 off on the right foot. I think maybe tomorrow will be the true start to the new year. As you know Bobby is in a band. Bands play on New Years Eve. Last New years the band played before midnight and we were able to make it home to ring in the new year together. We didn't find out until late yesterday that they would not be playing until a couple of minutes after midnight and the other band kids were not going to be there. Before finding that out I was kind of twitchy about the whole evening anyway which made me not very nice to be around . I LOVE going to see Bobby play and if I had been thinking I would have hired a babysitter for last night so I could go and enjoy myself. It doesn't matter how many activities we take with us eventually I am chasing kids at events like this and we might get to listen to 5 minutes of the concert before little hands are over little ears saying that it is too loud and they want to find a different room to be in.
So, I decided to stay home with the kids. The three of us had a little party with strawberries, popcorn, fresh baked cookies and sparkling grape juice (I am a fan of Martinellis Sparkling Apple Cider but of course The Pig does not carry that!).
(Be joyful, the kids liked the grape juice even if I wasn't much of a fan)
Bobby did call me just a couple of minutes before midnight to wish me a happy new year. Am I that old that there are no parties to go to? I didn't know about anyone getting together or anything. Are all of us in our age group just tired and hanging out at home with the kids?
(Be joyful, I got to spend the early part of the evening with my kiddos. Be joyful, my hubby called me to wish me a happy new year even though we were not together. Be joyful, he made it home without incident from drunk drivers)
I had picked up the book Son of a Witch and started it yesterday. I didn't want to put it down and finished it about 3 am. That is about when Bobby called me to tell me he was on his way home.
I woke up in a pretty good mood and knew that I was going to let Bobby sleep in due to his concert last night.
We decided to go to the Chili Fly in at a local radio control airfield around lunch. At this point I was pretty tired. I don't particularly like being freezing cold, I don't like chili (it hurts my stomach), and I didn't know anyone, and I was going to have to chase my kids around in the freezing cold.
It was pretty windy so Bobby led us into the clubhouse where there were 5 pots of chili, 1 bag of Frito's, 1 bag of cheese and 1 cake sitting on a filthy table. There was 1 pot that didn't have chili powder in it so Munchkin and I had some of that. Little Man had a small bowl of Frito's with cheese on top and Bobby ate a bunch of Chili. He went to fly while we finished up. Little Man chose that moment to really want to be with daddy. This was the same time that almost everyone else that was there decided to come inside. My initial thought was leave it to men to bring 5 pots of chili and not think about any other side dish or ask people to bring something with them when they come. Next year we will definitely take something with us. Munchkin was so excited that we didn't have to buy the chili, that we could just have it.
(Be joyful, there was food and shelter provided. Be joyful, the people were friendly. Be joyful Munchkin made a friend and talked about The Bridge to Teribitha for awhile)
All of a sudden Bobby came in and looked really angry. He lost one of his planes over a stand of trees and in a passive aggressive moment threw his radio on the ground breaking the antenna off. We got some direction from one of the old guys at the field (at this point the kids are crying because it is so cold outside) and Bobby went to walk into the stand of trees while I went to get some gas in our gas guzzling SUV.
(Be Joyful, there are people who know the area better than us. Be joyful, we have transportation)
Instead of heading back to the field I drove around to where there is a trailhead. Bobby called me to tell me he was on the trail and then said he saw me but couldn't hear me when I honked the horn. He walked a very long way and still couldn't find the plane.
After we got home he went back out to look again after looking at Google Maps and where the trail is. I suggested he take his bike so it would be a little faster.
He called me not to much later to tell me he found the plane!!!
(Be joyful, for strong bodies that can ride bikes. Be Joyful, for persistence and not giving up the search)
We turned on the Rose Bowl and I went to take a nap (I needed one in a bad way)
Now that USC has won, I have had a nap and a little dinner I am feeling much better.
(Be joyful, naps are a good thing! Be Joyful, I have a wonderful husband. Be Joyful, I have creative sweet kids that let me sleep. Be Joyful, the kids got to see it snow for a little while this afternoon)
There are so many things that could make me be so grumpy this afternoon and I have to admit I have had a bad attitude the last 2 days. There is so much to be thankful and joyful for in the midst of struggle. Be Joyful Always. Something I need to work on for the new year.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Maybe joyful will be your word?? LOL! Fun times - I was asleep by about 10:30 or so personally!!! I think old and tired might go along with that!

  2. Oh Karen- I so need to work on this too!

    And my whole house was in bed by 9:30pm New Years Eve... :) What does that say about us? :)

  3. You know what...I am proud of you for recognizing that you were in a bad mood and what needed to change. So many people would have just posted and gone on with their day. What a great example of putting REAL feelings out there and what an amazing, Christian woman can do to work on her REAL feelings. Way to go girlie! Gave me something to think about!

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    i know. i'm so sorry. sometimes matt tells me he knows there's absolutely nothing that will make me happy. that i've just made up mind to be miserable. and i know. he's right. ugh. i hate it. i 'm so sorry. here's to joyful days ahead!