8 Things about my kiddos

I was tagged by both Carrie and Ashley to post 8 things about my kids so I guess I need to do each of my kids:

1. Used to say Shivies for kitties and shree for tree but was pointing out to our neighbor how to say three today in the car. She informed us awhile back that she is a "sound expert" at school now.
2. Loves to have her back rubbed every night before going to sleep.
3. Gets really annoyed with Little Man but you can see how much she loves him too. She always makes sure to kiss and hug him before getting out of the car and holds his hand on the way to the cafeteria when we go for lunch.
4. Is a packrat. She is very sentimental over her stuff but is starting to understand she can't keep everything.
5. Has a gum wrapper collection.
6. Loves to read, play checkers, and anything having to do with Hannah Montana.
7. Really wants to learn to play the guitar and loves to sing.
8. Sang Jesus loves me in front of over 100 people when she was 4.

Little Man:
1. Idolizes his big sister. He wants to do and say anything she does.
2. Plays the guitar left handed and sings his heart out. It is one of his favorite things to do. Bobby has always said he would force our children to play right handed but it is not looking possible.
3. Has ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum). He is missing the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres. He was pretty delayed in gross motor skills but is doing really well right now. He learns through constant repetition.
4. From the time we moved him out of his crib he has liked to sleep on the floor. Because we used a gate on his doorway he would sleep next to the gate. We have gotten him to sleep in his race car bed but more often than not he sleeps on his little Wiggle Couch on the floor.
5. Loves to cuddle and be held.
6. Is prone to sinus infections and bloody noses and is fascinated by his "big boogers"
7. Loves the Little Einsteins, Word World and SuperWhy
8. Is really good at entertaining himself. He loves to lay on the floor with a couple of cars
and play for hours at a time all by himself.

OK, now I tag Kacey, Angela, Rachel, Kim, Sherri, Suzanne, Amy and Jenn and Laura


  1. these are great! i enjoyed reading them so much!

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Do you have Munchkin braid her gum wrappers into a long string? I bet she would love that.
    Love ya,

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    so sweet! i'm sorry i missed the tagging. i'll have to work on this!


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