Today was Munchkins 100th day of Kindergarten. She was so excited to go to school today because there were so many activities relating to 100. The kids counted out 10 of 10 different kinds of snacks, made 100 hats, necklaces with 100 fruit loops, and even got paper eyeglasses made out of the number 100. Near the end of the day all of the kindergarten classes got their banners and had a parade through the halls. All of the older grades stood out in the halls and cheered for them.

I had no idea that the 100th day of Kindergarten was such a big deal until I read Joys post last year when her little girl was celebrating!

Today was truly a celebration. A few days ago when I was once again questioning our decision to put her in school I would not have thought we would be celebrating. But, Munchkin LOVES school, once she gets in the door. She talks about her teacher and how much she likes her. She talks about her friends and what fun they have together. She tells us all about the new things she is learning. I am glad she loves school because I loved it too.

Woo! 100 days! Where does the time go?


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Time goes WAY too fast! Can you believe her first year is half way over? That's great she's really loving it now!

  2. You can look forward to a celebration in first grade too. :) Avery had one last year for Kindergarten and this year in first. Sumner must have started a little earlier than Davidson- his 100th day was last week.
    I'm so glad your little girl is loving school!!


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