Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gigi Rose

My mom, dad and 2 sisters lost their sweet Boxer today. Gigi was a really sweet dog and will be missed. She was fantastic with kids, was loving and a good companion. I know they are heartbroken today. She lived a very good life and was very loved by everyone.

Do I own the dog or does it own me?

Let me tell you the situation. We got our dog when she was about 6 weeks old. Cute, Cuddly, sweet. She got big very quickly. She is now about 67 pounds. I got her for free from a yard sale. The woman told me she was full German Shepherd...she is not. She is probably part lab.
We trained her to sleep in a kennel at night time because I didn't want a 60 pound dog sleeping in the beds with us.
She spends a lot of time outside because when I am home the kids do not want her jumping on them, knocking them over, or licking their faces. Not to mention knocking over any drink we might have on the coffee table with her giant tail. If I am not here I don't want her to spend the entire day cooped up in the kennel. She has the entire yard to run around in, she is not chained to a tree. She does not have a dog house but she always has water. We have a deck that has shade and is completely screened in. So, it is kind of like she has a giant dog house on our back porch. She gets fed twice a day and eats table scraps too. She is also up to date on all of her shots and she is spayed.

She really does need to run more than she does but we don't have the time or the energy half the time to do much with her. If it is raining or extra cold or extra hot we do let her in the house. We have some kind of chew toy ready for her so she doesn't destroy the kids toys.

When she is outside she wears a bark collar because our neighbors are all very close to us. But, she is not the only dog in the neighborhood and she certainly is not the dog that barks the most. For the record I hate barking dogs and every one of them in the neighborhood would be wearing a collar if I got ahold of them.

We have talked a lot about getting rid of her. She is not a child, we would like to have more time to spend with her but our kids need our attention first. She needs more room to run and someone that will run her. It stresses me out to go out of town because I have to find someone to watch her and I have one neighbor who won't because they think she is too much to handle. I think it is because they think we are not good pet owners.

I know she just wants to be loved and played with. What do you think? Should we get rid of her somehow (and if so can you give me some suggestions other than the pound), or do you think she has a good enough life?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Where do balloons go? To Party with Squirrels of Course!

I have a friend that hates balloons. They freak her out and any time her kids are given one as soon as they get outside she has her kids send them to Jesus. Now we love balloons in our house. We have a difficult time actually getting rid of them because the helium goes away but they don't actually deflate. (They make great indoor tennis balls with paper plate rackets.) Usually I wait until Munchkin is at school and then I will pop them and throw them away.

Yesterday we were at another fall festival and each of the kids got a balloon. Munchkins was purple and Little Mans was green. One of the prizes Munchkin picked was a pink balloon that was going to have to be blown up.
As she was playing another game her purple balloon flew away. I was holding it but I didn't let it go. Apparently the people who tied it only did a half knot with slippery string. So, I did what any good mom would, I pulled the pink balloon out of the bag, blew it up and tied it to the string. She did not notice for 2 more games when she said "Hey, is that my prize balloon?" "Yep"
It wasn't until we were on our way home that she realized the purple one was gone. "Where is my purple balloon?" That was when we had to tell her it flew away. She took it much better than we expected. "Oh, Ok"

We were having a very nice walk, Little Man kept pretending to be blown away by the wind with his green balloon. All of a sudden a gust caught his balloon and it tore away from his bag that it was tied to. Once again, half knot, slippery string, not a good combination. He was very upset, especially since it taunted us by blowing sideways first and then completely out of reach. We watched it fly about 50 ft where it got stuck in a tree. The most logical thing we could say was "That was nice of you to share your balloon. Now the squirrel's can have a fun party tonight." Hey, it calmed him down!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I Rock! Well at least in this instance...

So, yesterday I did a pretty dumb thing. As I was sitting in the drive-thru, at the McD's we will no longer be going to due to their low score and insider info we overheard last night, I accidentally dropped my debit card into the door of my truck. I am not quite sure what I was thinking. I think I thought that it was sealed pretty tight and that it would just sit up there. Not so much. It fell to the bottom of the door. Really, I heard it hit.
I called Bobby to see if he would help me get it out when he got home. He laughed. Not in a mean way, more of a wow that was a really silly thing to do kind of way. And in a our family does pretty silly things kind of way. Well, we for got about it last night and by the time we remembered it was dark. So, my poor little debit card spent the night wedged in between the power window and door lock.
Today I decided I really should get it out. I am not helpless, I know how to use a screwdriver. I just like to let Bobby do the heavy lifting and manly things around the house because, you know, he's a man! Neither one of us tends to be real handy unless we are forced into it. But, I got the tool kit and headed out to the car.

It took me all of about 10 seconds to locate all the screws to take the door apart, a few minutes longer to take them all out, recover the debit card, and about 5 minutes to put the door back on. Since that went so well I decided to take a look at Little Mans door. Our Durango came missing the back door lock. It still locked, the lock was just missing. After the adventure on my own door I had a sneaking suspicion the lock may actually be there. Yeah, I was right. So, not only did I recover my debit card. I also fixed the back door so Little Man now has a lock that he can push up and down. I so rock! :) At least that is what my hubby texted me after I sent him a picture of the finished work! Maybe it is time to go buy that do it yourself book with Rosie the Riveter on the front!

Awards Day

Today was Awards Day at Munchkins school. A note came home in her backpack with the report card that she would be receiving one so we wanted to make sure we were there. All of us got up early so everyone could get showered or bathed and actually eat breakfast and get shoes on without rushing to the car. We got to school nice a early and all walked in together. Bobby walked Munchkin to her class while I went to the cafeteria to get seats.

Munchkin actually got two awards. The first one was for getting all E's on her report card. We knew she wouldn't get perfect attendance as she had one absence (she was very happy for a little girl in her class got $5 in the drawing for perfect attendance).

The other award was a surprise. Last summer we did the summer reading program at our local library. Well, the local womens club is donating a book in honor of each kid that did the reading program to the school library. How cool is that? The principal mutilated our last name so the first time she was called up she wasn't really sure if she was supposed to go up there.

It was fun to see her get an award today. :)

Oh, yesterday she said she was done crying before she got to her classroom and was fine the rest of the day. Today Bobby said she just went "Bye, daddy". Maybe I should have him start taking her to school....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Am I a Terrible Mother?

This morning I took Munchkin to school like I normally do. She said her prayers before getting out of the car. I made the mistake of getting out of the car and going around to open the door for her. I guess I should have just opened it from the inside. She started crying and saying she wanted me to walk her in. Had we been on time and if I had been able to park in the lot that may have been possible. Today though we were late and in the second group of cars so I was parked in the circle with all the cars that were ready to pull out. I explained that I couldn't walk her in today she had to go herself and she started crying harder. The teacher that directs traffic called the principal on the walkie talkie and she came down to walk Munchkin in. As I was pulling away her hand was reached back and she was screaming. I am a horrible mother....I should have parked and walked her in. At least that is how it feels right now. She was so excited for school this morning too. She has music today and loves that, we talked about it on the way to school. Is this separation anxiety? Maybe I will call her teacher in a little while so I can make sure she is ok.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am

FREEZING!!! What a nice change from burning up this summer. Now, If we could have it about this temp the entire winter that would be great! I got to wear a sweatshirt today and even wore socks. I think I am going to go make some hot chocolate!

Asparagus Pee

So, do you eat Asparagus? I really like it. Go here to read about why your pee smells weird after you eat it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Customer Service.....Or Lack There of and Interviews

Back in my day.....
Seriously! I worked at Burger King when I was 14, then again when I was 16. Then again when I was 19. I also worked at Gitano Factory Outlet Store, Port O'Subs, and Payless Shoe Source. Maybe it is a personality thing but I would have never dared to have less than the best customer service skills possible. Or, maybe I was trained right I don't know. It never occurred to me to just be plain rude to customers, take forever with an order, ignore them, or not give an explanation if something wasn't going as fast as it should. The first Burger King I worked at the managers would always say "You got time to lean, you got time to clean!" We would be out cleaning tables, mopping floors, or shining something.

The other night some friends met us for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were happy to go there because there was a game on that the other family wanted to see and the food is usually pretty good. We should have known from the second we walked up to the podium to be seated that we should have gone somewhere else. The girl disappeared as soon as she saw us. When she finally came back she was nice enough and took us to a booth big enough to accommodate the 8 of us. We sat down at 10 after 7. We did not leave until around 8:30. After finally bringing our sodas and taking our order she was gone for an extremely long time. Our friend came back from the bathroom to report how disgusting it was and that the worker had not washed his hands. Our food finally arrived at 7:58. There was no salsa for the chips, no one offered refills on drinks. Poor Bobby spent the evening running back and forth to get stuff for us. I will admit it was slightly busy but no one was getting their food. There was no explanation offered though, no I'm sorry we are waiting on one item of food, no I'm sorry we had to go catch the buffalo and rip it wings off before frying them, no we are extremely busy so the kitchen is really backed up.
The two redeeming things for the entire night was 1) we got to hang out with some great friends and 2) there is no smoking so at least we weren't breathing second hand smoke!

Does it seem like every where you go customer service is lacking more and more? What is your worst customer service experience?

The other day I was at Kmart. I don't normally shop there mostly because it is out of the way and I don't find their prices to be any less than anywhere else. I was at customer service returning some curtains and heard the girl behind me say she was there for an interview. As I was turning I noticed she had on a skin tight belly shirt, he thong hanging out, and piercing all over the place. This might be wrong but I thought "Who on earth do you think is going to hire you dressed like that?"
I understand our culture has gotten much more casual and yes it was an interview for Kmart but come on! Would a skirt and blouse kill you for an interview? Bah! Kids these days!

Which Wich 51 Club

Our friend Chris discovered a new sandwich shop in Cool Springs a few months ago. He started liked it so much that he wanted to create a buzz about it, so he started blogging about it. Which wich has 51 different sandwiches and he aimed to eat all 51. No not in one day!

The day of the 51st sandwich we went down to Cool Springs to join in the festivities. The guy who started Which Wich and the owner were both there along with a photographer and lots of supporters. An added bonus for Chris eating 51 sandwiches and starting a grassroots movement was that all of us got a free lunch! To see much better pictures than these go to Chris' blog!

Here is Chris showing us 51.
Bill, Chris and Bobby. Bill and Chris are 2 of our first friends from Longhollow. Our very first Sunday we went out for Mexican with these two guys and their lovely wives. 5.5 kids between the 3 and here they are 6 years later.
Both of the kids loved their sandwiches. Munchkin got turkey and Little Man got PB&J. I got egg salad with bacon. I didn't realize it was going to be hot but it was actually really good. It was kind of like scrambled eggs and bacon on toast.
Chris also got a few coupons so if you would like to win one go to his blog and enter his competition!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wiped Out

Today was a big fund raiser day at Munchkins school. The kids all got matching tshirts, learned a couple of things about yoga, got to see a dog trainer, ate lunch in their classrooms and ran laps. Munchkin went around yesterday asking the neighbors if they would like to sponsor her. They each gave a flat donation so it wouldn't based on how many laps she ran. We did say not to feel bad if they did not want to donate but c'mon have you seen my kid? How could you say no? :) She ended up raising $88 including the $8 she made at her lemonade stand last week. That means she gets to pick some cool prize at school next week.

The kindergartners each estimated how many laps they would run. Munchkin was realistic and said 10. There were a couple that were convinced that they were going to run 80. Yeah...I am fairly certain that is physically impossible in the time allotted. One kid from her class though did run probably over 20. Munchkin managed 16 laps and that was even walking a few of them.

Little Man got a shirt today too and was so excited to be at Munchkins school all day long. He even ran a few laps with the big kids. He first one he just took off and ran the whole thing without Munchkin, me or Bobby by his side. For another one he turned around and came back saying her couldn't find Munchkin anywhere. She was about half a lap ahead of him.
When we finally got home Munchkin wanted to make a banner since part of the opening ceremonies included banners made by each of the classes. I taped a few pieces of paper together for her and she started to have a meltdown because her pink marker dried out. I sent her to her room and she had an all out screaming fit. I knew she was tired but I guess I didn't realize how tired. After her 5 minute meltdown things got really quiet. She is zonked out in her bed. This is the child that hasn't napped since she was 2. I suppose running 16 laps at school will do that to you though.

Little man also crashed on the couch.
Now, hopefully they will wake up in better spirits so we can have a nice evening together!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My child is a packrat

I suppose she comes by it honestly, I mean Bobby and I both have a hard time letting go of "stuff". But, my goodness, Munchkin does not want to let go of anything...not a scrap of paper, not the giant snowman I pulled out of the attic with its face chewed off, not clothes she has outgrown and most recently she wanted to keep the "sprinkle cheese" container she emptied at dinner. I understand wanting to keep some things that have sentimental value but come on! A cheese container?
We also are swimming in a sea of paper that keeps coming home from school. I have resorted to a shoe box until the end of the semester and then I will sort what we will keep. Don't get me wrong I am so glad to see what she is doing at school so I am glad for the paper but I don't know how to contain it! If you have school age kids how do you contain the paper clutter? And how do you get your kid to let go of the stuff she really does not need to keep?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So Sad

One of our very favorite places to play (especially in the colder months) is closing its doors on October 27th. Little Man and I went to Fundom Kids this morning to play with The Big Kahuna and a few other friends. It has been a great place and we are sad to see it go.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'll admit it....I'm a brand snob!

But, only on certain items. I will only buy Heinz ketchup. Hunts is too sweet. Can't stand Palmers chocolate I'd rather have a straight up Hershey bar. Frozen veggies all kind of seem the same. I used to only buy Peter Pan Peanut Butter but now buy Jif. There are only a couple of cereals that I will buy generic like Frosted Mini Wheats. The rest of the off brand cereals taste like cardboard.
I also have to have original Diet Coke and not an off brand...and certainly not Pepsi! I think that one I am just addicted to though. :)

How bout you? Are you a brand snob on some items, all items or not at all?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PJ Day

Last night Munchkin told me she had a headache. This was accompanied by a 100.8 degree fever. Not super high but high enough that we needed to stay home from church today. Bobby played at our friend Andrews church so I was home with our kiddos.
It is 2:30...we are all still in our jammies. I am pretty sure none of us are getting out of them anytime soon today.
Do you have days like that where you lounge around, do pretty much nothing and stay in your jammies all day long?
I did bust out the crock pot to make rotel cheese dip for nachos. I am also planning on making some banana bread because our bananas have reached that point where I don't really want to feed them to my kids. It has been a lazy day but after the last 2 we need it.

Random sidenote: I love to know when people are reading so I would love to get comments on my posts. You can even post comments without an account, you can just sign your name.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Southern or Country

Before I moved to the south from California I knew that we would be headed into a land of a different accent. I didn't realize though that there is Southern and there is Country. It seems like if someone says you are country that you are backwoods kinda folks. But Southern is a little more high society. The farther out you get into the sticks the thicker the accent. My little area of town that I live in is not real southern. There are quite a few neighbors from California so the accents are not very thick. My daughter on occasion sounds a little country. Today we had our yard sale (made about $120 Yeah!). Our next door neighbors have some banana trees that they take in every year. I heard this phrase about 8 times today.

"Weyul, da gum! I din know dos banana plants growed bananas!"

It was like country bumpkins go to the big city day in my neighborhood. I love hearing the different accents around me. One of the big things I miss about California is the diversity of the languages and people. But, on yard sale day in Tennessee I can go out and hear some country!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Yard Sale - Whole lotta fun OR

a big waste of time? What is your opinion on yard sales?
I love going to them and always get great deals on stuff. I however think I have decided I am not a fan of holding yard sales.
I put out a bunch of stuff today since that seems the southern thing to do. (in California yard sales were always Saturday and Sunday not Friday and Saturday. I have made a grand total of $6 today.
The upside is that it is beautiful today and my kiddos spent the entire morning writing prices on tags and sticking them to stuff....themselves included.
Hopefully tomorrow will go better. I am hoping to make enough to buy an entertainment armoire!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where Should We Eat Dinner

Yesterday while I was out shopping for hairbows (I swore my daughter would never be a bow head but that is a completely different post) I asked Munchkin where she thought we should eat dinner.
She said "I want to eat at Pocahontas!"
Me: "Well since there is no Pocahontas restaurant where would you really like to eat?"
Munchkin: "I want to eat the things Pocahontas ate!"
Me: "Pocahontas ate corn and deer!"
Munchkin: "Eww! I don't like deer it's an animal!"
Me: "So is chicken"
Munchkin: "Yeah but I like chicken!" "Can we eat at Chili's?"

Oh the reasoning of a 5 year old.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Is it Really Fall?

I mean c'mon! It is 90 degrees out! Not that I am complaining. I LOVE fall. I love the change in colors, I love the cooler weather, I love hot chocolate, visiting pumpkin patches, wearing sweatshirts, and cuddling up on the couch with my kiddos under a nice warm blanket and a movie. So far I have been able to wear a sweatshirt once and it was still about 78 degrees out. Believe me, it was a stretch.

We like to bring in the fall by going to the Pumpkin Patch with our kiddos. The one we loved to go to (Norman Farms) was hit really hard by the tornados last year and decided not to reopen. So, we have been trying to find a new one to go to. Yesterday with MOPS we went to Madison Creek Farms. It was fun, kind of small but they had a good selection of pumpkins along with mums and a little store. Little Man was pretty cranky so it could have been much more fun than it was. I am not sure what his deal was but he did not want to listen to me.

Today Bobby and I took the kids down to Shelbyville (that is Shelby - vul for you westerners). It is about an hour away from us but there was also a Radio Control Fly-in in Tullahoma so we figured we could get to both.

Ceder Rock Pumpkin Patch was so fun. It was $5 per person to go in but it was worth it. Our first stop was at the giant pumpkins. Munchkin got up on top of one for a photo op but Little Man wasn't interested, next we threw bean bags into tires, fed a calf, jumped off a haybale, and sang karaoke. There was also a Macgyver Hang Glider that Munchkin was convinced she was going to go on. She climbed the tower twice, Bobby and I each did it and she still chickened out. I don't blame her, maybe next year... After a fun hayride around the property the kids shared some fresh squeezed lemonade, we checked out all of the swings and finally went and picked our pumpkins. By then we were all hot and tired and ready to be in the car. I think both kids had a really good time at the farm.

The RC Fly-in was pretty low key. Had Bobby brought a plane to fly we probably would have stayed longer. We walked around and checked out all of the planes, watched a few fly, met a bigwig from Michigan and went back to the car to eat some M&Ms. It was a full day but worth it. I love doing stuff like this with the kids and I hope they will remember it when they are older with fondness.

Feeling better, feeling worse and more tears

Little Man is feeling better. The antibiotics kicked in and his nose is hardly even running anymore. However, I now have a cold. No fever just runny nose and a slight cough. I ran to the drug store and picked up vitamin C and Cold Eaze throat thingies. Hopefully this yuck will go away quickly!

Munchkin was so close to getting to build a new Build A Bear but there were more tears Friday morning when I dropped her off. She was fine getting out of the car but as she ran across the grass she turned around in tears and ran back. She said her tummy hurt. I am guessing the Cinnamon Rolls we had for breakfast may have been the culprit... So, we are going to try again next week.

I think we are headed to a Pumpkin Patch today. I went with my MOPS group yesterday and took Little Man. He was a crankypants pretty much the entire time. Maybe he will do better today... we'll see. Munchkin gets to go to a different patch on a field trip but Bobby and I want to take both kids together. So, we will probably pick up our big pumpkin today! Hopefully I can get some pictures up here soon!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mamas intuition does it again

Yesterday Little Man woke up with a really stuffy nose, I mean the poor child could hardly breathe. I gave him some children's sudafed E and took off for Munchkins school. Bobby called me about 5 minutes later to tell me he had never seen cold medicine work so fast. One minute Little Man was at the top of the steps whining and crying because he didn't feel good, the next he was down the stairs running around laughing and doing jumping jacks. Woo hoo!

Anyway, this morning he told me his ear hurt. He didn't have a fever but was still stuffy. I just knew he had an ear infection. Have you ever procrastinated taking your kid to the Dr because you thought they would laugh you out of the room because your child is "just suffering from a virus and there is nothing we can do!"
There have been times when I have skipped the Dr in favor of home remedies, even with a fever. Don't get me wrong I love our Dr but we just don't want to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of other sick kids to be told its a virus.

We opted for the Minute Clinic today because I had other errands to run and had to be back at school to have lunch with Munchkin. He has a pretty serious infection in his left ear and a little redness in his right.
I hate that Little Man is sick but I am glad I was right. It made me feel like a good mom to actually know that it was more serious than just a virus. It makes some of my bad mommy moments feel a little less relevant.