Sunday, September 30, 2007

So Tired...

Just got back from my weekend scrapbook retreat. I got 75 pages done! Woo hoo!
Bobby had a good weekend with the kiddos. They did all kinds of fun stuff! But, as much fun as I had at the retreat I missed my hubby and my babies!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bribery seems to be working

So there were no tears yesterday at drop off and only the faintest hint that there might be some this morning. At the first waver in the voice I said "Want sum gum?" Which got a nice smile and a vigorous nod of the head. Munchkin wanted me to walk to the door with her this morning so I took the wipe she washed the strawberries off her face with, with me so I could take her gum before going through the door.

Apparently, we are not the only ones trying the bribery tactic. We saw one of Munchkins friends at her car so we went over so the two girls could walk in together. The mom asked if Munchkin was allowed to have McDonald's. I said yes and she said that she had just told her daughter that she would bring her a happy meal if she would walk in with no tears. If they both went in together she would bring one for each of them. So, Both girls are getting chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch. Just for the record, I did pack a lunch that was healthy and nutritious. Who doesn't like a treat of McD's at school though!

Bobby is taking Munchkin to the Build A Bear Workshop today to pick-up Princess Ballerinas costume. She did great and that was one of the motivating factors was getting to go shop.

Maybe we are over this hump....keep praying please!! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A better start

OK, so we were running a little behind this morning...but not bad. It is also pouring down rain here. Munchkin was pretty excited because she got to use an umbrella to get to the car. She hopped right in so we could run through McD's and get some breakfast.
As we sat and ate I asked if she was sometimes sad because Little Man got to stay home with me and she was at school all day. Her answer was yes. So, I tried to explain to her that she stayed home with me all by herself for her first 2 years. Plus she is a big girl and gets to learn all kinds of new things. We said prayers before she got out of the car and she was happy. She gave me a kiss when I opened her door and said she would try to have a good day...with a smile on her face. She kind of had to run because it was sprinkling at that point but even turned and waved close to the door. Did we pass through a phase or is the bribery of a new outfit for her bear what made her happy? Oh yeah, we also talked about doing a mommy daughter dance class. I think she might want to do that...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


from Susan..

What are some of your favorite recipes? Post them(if you will) in the comments so I can find some new things to cook. Bobby won't each sour cream and I can't really do spicy.....

Where will bribery get us?

I have 2 $10 coupons to Build A Bear workshop from Munchkins birthday party. We did not go to the mall today because she cried after See Ya At the Pole. I told her if there is no crying tomorrow or Friday we will go to Build A Bear and she can get the cheerleader costume for her bear "Princess Ballerina". She is going as an East Side Cheerleader for Halloween and wants the bear to match. The costume is $10. Yeah for only paying tax. If she doesn't cry all of next week we will go to Build A Bear again and use the other certificate.

Do you bribe your kids? Does it work?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dr visit

Well, I took Munchkin to the Dr today to see about her tummy ache. She has complained about her stomach hurting for quite awhile but it has been much more constant the last couple of weeks. The Dr did a throat culture, a urinalysis and check her tummy to see if anything was swollen. She looks good, no hernias or anything like that. They are going to let the 2 samples "cook" for a couple of days to see if anything develops. In the meantime we were given some samples of Axid (an acid reducer) to see if that helps. Anything to help her sleep and feel good about going to school!

Going downhill

I am not sure what is going on with Munchkin. Yesterday I dropped her off at school and she was fine. She was happy when she came home, had a green apple mark in her folder and seemed like school was going good.
Today after reading her library book to her, saying prayers in the car, as we were getting out she started to have a meltdown. She said she was tired and she wanted to stay with me. I walked into school with her and when we got about 20 feet from her class she wouldn't go any farther. She just kept saying she was tired and wanted me. (That just broke my heart)
Her teacher came out and said that yesterday she didn't have her library book and had a meltdown to the point where she was screaming and crying and even smacked the teachers hand.
Munchkin rarely has this kind of temper tantrum but when she does they are all out screaming fits.
I don't know what the problem is. We are going to the Doctor today to see about her tummy hurting. She has complained for a really long time about her tummy hurting but it has always come up around bedtime, kind of as an excuse not to go to sleep. She doesn't have a fever, rash or any other nasty symptoms. You don't ever wish there is something wrong with your kids but if there is I hope it can be fixed.
Ahhh.. What am I going to do with her?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Season Premiere Week

What shows are you excited about that start this week?

Our list includes but is not limited to:
CSI:Miami (it totally has the best writing don't you think? )
The Office
Grey's Anatomy
Without A Trace

Yeah, once TV season starts Netflix gets pushed to the rear.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


my friend, Suzanne over at Joyfulchaos, tagged me to give 8 random facts about myself. is there really anything left that you don’t know about me?!
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.

2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.

4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I had my gall bladder removed in 2000. Bobby was not told that I was in recovery so he played Command and Conquer on the computer for 2 hours when he finally realized I should be out by then. The dummies didn't bother to come tell him when I went to recovery like they said they would. I thought I would be back to work the next day....yeah I was out a week.

2. One of my favorite places in the world is the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

3. I was first chair flute for 2 years in High School. I got to move up to Wind Ensemble as a sophomore with another girl that moved around the same time I did. We were 2 of the first sophomores to get into wind ensemble.

4. I really feel like I have to be invited to go to someones house. It is hard for me to just "drop by" or invite myself over.

5. My bowling team was 10th in the nation when I was 10 years old. We were the Pink Panthers.

6. I have been a Christan since I was 7 years old but my relationship with Christ really took off when I was a sophomore in high school.

7. I am most comfortable in a church that has contemporary music but doesn't forget the hymns, that dunks for baptism because it is a public profession of faith, and preaches from the Bible. I am learning more about why some denominations sprinkle and how growing up as a Christian in some cases does not differ from a "personal experience with Christ".

8. I love Gerbera Daisies and Tiger Lilies! Both were included in my wedding bouquet.

-Angela, Kim, Laura, Sara, Sarah, Ray, Brea, Craig you’re up!

Friday, September 21, 2007

See you at the pole

Next Wednesday is See you at the Pole. Does anyone remember doing this when we were in High School? I do. It was a great public profession of faith for me. If you have kids in school go pray with them at the flagpole next Wednesday. Ours starts at 7:30 but it says 7:00 on the SYATP website. This is organized by students for students and anyone else that would like to join them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recent comments

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Yeah for MOPS. It was so fun to see old friends yesterday and meet some new women that are sure to become friends. I took my sister in law Rox with me yesterday. She and Joe (Bobby's brother) have been married almost 3 years. They do not have kids yet but she was a good sport and came with me anyway. It was a little disconcerting for her to be in a room with all mothers and A LOT of pregnant women. I told her that it was in the water.....
Being from California she reveled in the deep southern accents! Since ya'll know I don't have an accent!
This is going to be a really fun year! :)

I just added a separate blog for Longhollow Mops mommas. If you know of anymore moms that blog add their link!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

3 weeks + 3 churches= 3 very different experiences

So a few posts ago I was trying to answer the question "Where have we been?". The last three weeks have brought several different experiences for us and the kids. We have tried out 3 different Baptist churches in 3 weeks. We could probably try out a new one each week for the next 3 months and not hit the same one twice.
This is just a quick overview of our experiences.
Church #1:
Distance from our house:
5 minutes
Membership: maybe 150, no other kindergartners, only a few other 3 year olds.
Friendliness of members: really, really friendly. They remembered us from when Munchkin went to VBS there 2 summers ago.
Ease of finding classrooms: It is very small but the person helping us didn't really know where everything was due to the building being brand new.
Sermon: was really good. The sermon was on Hebrews and Heroes of the Faith. The Pastor pointed out several themes throughout the book of Hebrews. He also packed about a 50 minute sermon into about 25 minutes. Lots of information to process but I actually learned something. Also, a man got up and gave his testimony and I cried. I am not sure the last time I cried in a service.
Music: Super traditional. There was a choir at first in choir robes then just the music pastor and a piano player.
Followup: One of the members drove by our house that afternoon and dropped off a welcome packet with a tract in it.

Church #2
Distance from our house: About 7 minutes
Membership: Maybe around 1500. We weren't really sure.
Friendliness of Members: I don't think anybody thought we were visiting so we were kind of bypassed. I did see one of Munchkins friends from school and another girl I know from the area.
Ease of finding classrooms: This was kind of a feat. We parked in the guest parking area but probably should have parked by the kids area...but we didn't know that. Once we got to the kids area everything is computerized so parents check the kids in. The director did not seem very happy to help us figure out what we were doing. Little Mans class was downstairs and he cried when we left him. Munchkins class was upstairs but we didn't know which class to put her in and the first lady didn't seem to want her in her class. We were happy to find Munchkins friend in the other class. That happened to be down the hall from the balcony so that is where we sat.
Sermon: The founder of True Love Waits spoke and was really good. I think they are in the process of looking for a new head pastor because I think the current one in retiring.
Music: Choir with robes, a few worship choruses, an acoustic guitar on one song and a piccolo on one song. Very traditional. They do also have an orchestra and a handbell choir that play on Sunday morning sometimes. As a flute player and former President of the Handbell Choir at APU those aspects made me really happy.
Followup: I don't think there will be any. The door we went in for the service didn't have any bulletins or any way for anyone to know we had been there.

Church #3
Distance from our house: About 13 minutes
Membership: Around 500
Friendliness of members: A couple stopped us after the sermon to chat. They actually live in our neighborhood and are good friends with the couple that lives 2 doors down from us.
Ease of Finding Classrooms: This is not a huge church but there are signs that show the way to go. Once we found the kids area the lady behind the desk was extremely helpful. Little Man did not cry at all. He walked right in. We were very impressed with the kids program (except that they were showing Arther in Little Mans class when we went to pick him up). Kids church has puppets and music (kind of like Little Tree House at Longhollow) and a Bible Story.
Sermon: Was about being certain where you will spend eternity. He did say he does not preach on Hell a whole lot but felt like it was time. He approached it from the personal experience side of things. You know if you have had a personal experience with God and no one can change that.
Music: Contemporary. There were 6 or 7 people singing on the worship team, 2 electric guitars, a piano player and a keyboard player. They had a few sound problems but that didn't make too much of a difference.
Followup: We only filled out the paperwork at the kids center, we didn't fill out the visitor info in the bulletin so we'll see. I think they have a visitation meeting where they call, email or come to your house to followup with you.

We have had 3 very different experiences these last few weeks without them being theologically different. Neither one of us is totally committed to staying at a Baptist church either. We worked with a Brethren youth group, led worship at a Free Methodist church, and we were on the worship team at a non-denominational church. I grew up in Baptist churches though so that is the comfortable for me. We just want to be someplace where we can be involved, where we can serve, where we can learn and grow. So far I think Church number 3 is going to get a followup visit from us. There are a couple of others we want to go to and check out but something just felt right this morning. We'll see.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Magic Touch......or Not

So, we bought the Durango back in June. It has been a pretty good truck so far but has had a few problems. The brakes went out, we needed a new battery (that was rusted into the truck), now it needs a new starter or something along those lines. It seems like every time I drive one of our vehicles something new goes wrong with it. The Honda, which is a year older than the Durango got new brakes, new tires and a new axle a couple of months ago. The air conditioner doesn't work too well which has been really handy for Bobby to drive to work in 110 degree weather.
Today I had to drive about 30 miles to go to a preview class for My-Gym. Angela went with me and then we went to My Friends Place for lunch. I have been in the Honda the last few days due to the slightly cooler weather and the starter issue in the Durango. I noticed a strange noise on my way home from Curves and told Bobby about it. It seemed to get worse on the way down to the class and even worse on my way to lunch. I decided I should call my local Firestone and ask if I could get the car in. The guy told me if it was making a weird noise I should take it to the closest Firestone and see if it was safe to drive.
The guys were great and came right out to check it out. After turning the car on for a moment they turned it off and said I should definitely not drive it the 30 miles back home. Apparently my water pump went out. Yeah hurray.
I called Bobby who came and picked me up as soon as he could and then we headed home to get Munchkin from school.
If it is not one thing it is another...oh yeah did I mention we are waiting on about 2 weeks worth of checks that we were expecting 2 weeks ago. grr...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to.....

ME! :) And I am feeling every one of those years today. We knew it was going to be a busy day with school, Moms in touch, getting pictures developed, helping in the cafeteria at Munchkins school, and meeting Bobby for lunch so we celebrated yesterday.

Bobby and I took the kids on a canoe trip down the Harpeth River, followed by lunch at the Cheesecake factory. It was such a fun way to spend the day. Both Munchkin and Little Man loved being in the boat on the water. It was pretty funny though when Munchkin would yell out "shallow!" Bobby and I were out of the boat dragging it quite a bit because the weather has been so dry.
We saw lots of little turtles, a couple of fish, and even a dead deer floating in the water. That was nice to explain to the kids. We were pretty convinced our canoe would be retired after us. I got a nice picture of Bobby bailing water out of the boat.
Yeah for birthdays and getting to do fun things!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


So, when I was growing up until I was about 10 my father smoked in the house, in the car, any place he could. My grandmother also smoked, she was hooked to an oxygen tank for the last years of her life. We had to sit in the smoking section at restaurants because the smokers had to smoke wherever we went. I was "that kid" that came to school oblivious to the fact that I smelled like an ashtray. It was normal to have smoke everywhere and in everything. When I was in 7th grade I stole a pack of my fathers cigarettes, smoked 2 of them and gave them away to someone else who actually thought it was cool to smoke. It didn't take with me and for that I am extremely thankful.
Two of Bobby's grandparents also dies from smoking related illnesses.

I don't remember how old I was when the smoking in public places ban went into effect in California but it was so nice to walk into a restaurant and not have to have smoke blown in my face, or walk through clouds of smoke on the way to our table, or mock how the smoking and non smoking sections were partitioned by nothing.
My mom stopped letting my father smoke in the house after he came back from a military assignment and we had had the joy of clean air in our house for several months.

Bobby and I moved here 6 years ago from our smoke free paradise. The shock of being asked smoking or non basically stopped us in our tracks as we said "What?" I know I may be a liberal fruitcake on this one but I almost jumped for joy when I saw this Workplace Smoking Ban on the government web page....yes I realize I have been living in a cave and this was signed in June but it is not October yet and I am on top of it!

I do not want to offend anyone, I in fact hate confrontation. I have friends that smoke and if you are reading this please know I love you. I respect that you can decide for yourself if you want to smoke or not. It has just felt like Tennessee has been so far behind on this particular issue and we are finally catching up.

So, after October first anyone want to go out to eat with us? :)