Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am woman hear me roar

The last couple of days have been...interesting. I found out that Little Man will not be getting the inserts for his shoes because there was a paperwork glitch. I take that back he will be getting them but we will have to pay for them. He was supposed to get them 2 months before his 3rd birthday. His service coordinator told us that the file was on her bosses desk waiting for approval and her boss was out with pink eye. That was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday she finally called me back, backpedaling like crazy, to tell me that she has known since April 24th that he was not going to get them. So, she lied to me. I think she was hoping we wouldn't call back, that Little Man would age out of early intervention, and she would be able to avoid a confrontation. She really dropped the ball. Especially since we have been working on this since March 3rd, 3 months before his birthday. I am checking with Vandy tomorrow to see if they will pay for them since the paperwork was filed before working with TEIS on it. Our old service coordinator would have been on top of things and would have gotten it done. She was fantastic, we loved her and every therapist I talked to loved her. The new one wasn't feeling the love from anyone because she dropped the ball and didn't return phone calls. Grr.
Bobby heard me on the phone with her yesterday and said a little bit of Ruth was coming out. That would be my grandma. You didn't want to mess with her. I feel like I held my temper pretty well though. I did tell her boss today though some of the comments she made regarding Little Man and about her lack of professionalism. It was duly noted.

Second up on the list was working with the bank. That was not difficult just time consuming.

Third, I got a letter from Animal Control about my excessively barking dog. Yeah, she wears a bark collar, I never hear her when I am home and my neighbors have said they rarely hear her if at all. So apparently someone had nothing better to do than single my dog out. There are nights when I lay down and think "I hope no one thinks that is my dog barking right now since she is in the house." And mornings I wake up and think "I hope no one thinks that is my dog that has been barking the last 45 minutes out its window since Kelsey isn't even out there yet." Or "Wow the 5 dogs on my block are all going crazy because the mailman is walking by, good thing Kelsey has her bark collar on, she is so quiet." I called Animal Control. They said not to worry, they had a guy call last week that got a letter that doesn't even have a dog.

If anything, yesterday made me feel stronger. I know I can deal with these people and these issues. I don't have to be screaming to get things done. A little prayer to control my temper and I am good to go.
Tomorrow is Little Mans last day of therapy. He ages out of early intervention next Wednesday so we say goodbye to all of our therapists. It comes at a good time. He is pretty close to where he is supposed to be at age 3 so we will probably see about going in for a 6 month check up to see how he is doing. I think I am sadder than he is. He doesn't really understand that tomorrow is his last therapy day. If he needs to go back in the future we will definitely try to go to the same therapists. They have had a huge impact on all of our lives and I am sad for the transition to not seeing them every week helping my Little guy.
I guess here is to the next big thing....

Sunday, May 27, 2007


My little Munchkin had her first of what I hope to be many graduations. Since she will be entering Kindergarten she will no longer be in Moppets, the kids program for MOPS. There were not too many kids that graduated this year but it was a sweet little ceremony. The teachers made the mortar boards and tassels for them and gave them each a certificate and a Go Fish CD. Like I said in my last post..where does the time go?

Where does the time go?

It seems like a minute ago I was on the playground with Munchkin. She was this 15 month old object of every bigger kids attention. They all wanted to play with her and help her do all of the playground "stuff". I turned around and she is now the bigger kid wanting to play with and help the little 15 month old. Sarah wrote several great posts about pouring into your children and how they are a gift from God. I know we raise our children to grow up and leave us but it seems like it happens so fast. There are moments of panic when I don't think I have done enough for my kids. I haven't invested enough time or energy or spiritual education. I think when have I had the time between therapy appointments, church activities, swimming lessons, etc. Then I think about all of the quiet times, reading together, nighttime prayers, morning time when the kids climb in bed with us, comforting in the middle of the night, the craft projects and the time I let them play alone. I think I am just freaking out a little about Munchkin going to Kindergarten in the fall. She is outgoing, loves other kids, seems to be a little sponge for information, and can't wait to go to school. I hope she loves it. But, I hope she always knows home is a refuge, a sanctuary where she can tell us anything and that she always knows that she is loved. I worry about mean kids and pray that she doesn't have to deal with bully's...and that she won't be the bully. She is little but makes up for it in attitude! My little 5 lb 15 oz baby that had so much trouble sleeping through the night is now a confident little girl with an attitude (mostly good). Where does the time go?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Water Fun and Water Not so Fun

Who doesn't love a day filled with water play? I know I loved spending the summer days at the base pool, jumping off the diving board, laying out in the sun and just hanging out with friends. Those were days full of Water Fun.
Munchkin and Little Man had swimming this morning. For Munchkin it is all about fun. She loves learning new strokes and just being in the water. Little Man on the other hand does not enjoy swimming so much. At least he didn't try to run away from the pool today. After swimming we ran to Chickfila for some lunch and headed home. Angela came over with her two monkeys and a couple of bins of pictures to sort through. Leann came with her little guy and her scrapbook paraphernalia and Melanie came over with her sweet girl and some stuff to work on for VBS. We got to have some fun girlfriend time while all of the kids did an exceptional job of playing together. Leann's son has got to be the most content baby I have ever seen. He sat in his playpen and watched the other kids and played with his toys.
About an hour into our little gathering Melanie's daughter asked if she could feed the doggie some treats. None of the other kids wanted anything to do with the dog but I thought it was sweet. I went to the basement landing to get some treats and heard some water running. My first thought was that it was the upstairs toilet running but then I realized it was much louder than that. The second thought as I was going to investigate was that our AC had finally bit the dust. I reached the basement and discovered my to my dismay that there was the beginning stages of a flood. I tried with no luck to move my washing machine cussing in German under my breath. (If it is in another language it isn't bad right?) I ran back upstairs to see if someone could help me move the washer and all three of my friends were down there in a flash. We got it pulled out and couldn't see if anything was broken, all we could see was water gushing out of where my washing machine should be draining from.
I quickly called Bobby to find out where the water shut off was (Yes I know I should have known where that was before!) and made my way under the house to turn it off. That stopped the flow of water but we now had 4 adults and 4 children that use the "facilities", have to wash hands and all of those things. Luckily no one had to "go".
I called the utility place who sent out guys to check the main sewer line. It was fine which meant it was our line. We called a local guy who is very highly recommended. He came out right after finishing another job and did a fantastic job of fixing the problem. He and his son dug a hole that Kelsey had conveniently started for them and put a hole through the clay pipe. Right before they closed the hole he showed me the roots they had pulled out of the pipe and also said "no wipes are flushable even if it says it on the box". Apparently the roots were bad enough but our lovely flushable Kandoo wipes finished off the blockage. $224 later....We won't be flushing flushable wipes anymore...
To finish off our Water Fun day we pulled out a water mat I picked up on sale at Target the other day. The kids were so excited about it and ran inside to get swim suits on. They had a fantastic time running through the water and splashing around. Our little friend from down the street came over to play too. The fun ended when the mosquito's came out and we had to head inside. Both kids were exhausted from the day. I can't blame them I am exhausted too. Hopefully I will sleep as well as they are when my head hits the pillow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


to say...or so much I don't know where to start. Suzanne had a great post the other day that made me smile and think about perspective. The last couple of days have been hmm, less than stellar. My kids are getting sneakier. Don't get me wrong, they have had their moments of greatness but it doesn't help when they have a tired mommy. I have been up really late pretty much every night since Friday. I am usually a pretty good morning person but they last two mornings have not been good. It might have something to do with my new pillow too. It is just not working out.

Yesterday I was trying to get the bathroom cleaned when I realized both of my children were laughing really hard. Now, normal laughing is fine but this sounded kind of....maniacal. I came out of the office to find they have taken chalk and colored the cabinet doors, the trash can, the stove, the TV screen, the piano keys, the couch cushions, the dining room table and the floor. Understandable I was NOT pleased. I sent Munchkin into the bathroom to await my wrath. Little Man did not have any incriminating evidence (chalk dust, or chalk) anywhere so he missed out. After I calmed down I went in the bathroom and told Munchkin to get some wipes and that she was going to clean up the chalk immediately. She did exactly what she was told which means she knew she had done something naughty on purpose and that I was really mad. Her attitude was so good about it it made me feel better too.
I don't think I would have been so mad had I not just cleaned the trash can lid earlier in the morning (who thinks to clean the lid anyway?). A dumb thing to be mad about I suppose but it was one more thing on top of tired mommy issues.

This morning started out OK but as soon as both kids were up at 6:15 there was constant noise for about 45 minutes. I am still a tired mommy today but things are already looking up. After I cleaned up the entire box of Barbie Fairytopia cereal that had been dumped on the floor and covered in milk I discovered Munchkin had been trying to help Little Man get breakfast. Hence the noise/fighting. But you have to be proud of her for trying right?

I was at a scrap retreat this weekend and got 52 pages done. Sometimes I wonder why I scrapbook. It takes a lot of time and I wonder if anyone really wants to look at the books. But, I go on retreats like this and look at the cute pictures of my kids and hubby and events and remember why I do it. I want them to know what they were like when they were little and I want to remember them when they were little. Then I can look back on days like these and laugh about it.

Here is to a better day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Season Finales

Bobby and I probably watch way too much TV. But, we only have 1 TV so at least we are watching together!
Tonight was Season Finale night in our house. The Office concluded with a 1 hour show, Greys Anatomy was 10 minutes longer than normal, and we wondered if ER will every be cancelled.
Both of us love The Office. We heard that Jenna Fisher that plays Pam broke her back. Not good. It sounds like she will be healed up though and ready to shoot the next season.
I love Greys Anatomy and cried just like everyone else who watched it when Burke told everyone his vows.
We have been loyal ER watchers for years. I think it is time for it to go. It is just hard for us to pull ourselves away from a show we have watched for so long.
What shows do you love that you can't wait to see next season?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Special Moms

A few months ago I ran into a group of ladies that are moms of special needs children. Last night I got to go hang out with them again at someones house. It was a time to talk, have dinner and be with other moms that are going through the same things. We are the advocates for our children in the school system, for getting them therapy, for dealing with government programs. There is a website now, so if you have a child with special needs come visit and come be part of the group!

I loved hanging out with all of these women. There was a nagging thought at the back of my mind though that they wouldn't want me to be there. Little Man just had his IEP and did not qualify for services. It kind of made me feel like he was is more of a typical kid. I talked with one of the ladies about that and she made me feel much better. I have gone through the testing, the finding out a diagnosis, the therapies for 2 years, now an IEP. We don't know what the future holds, hopefully he will always be a typical kid but if he is not I have a support system of ladies who completely understand.

Next month we are going to the Cheesecake Factory so if you have a special needs child it would be a great time to check out the moms group!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yeah for yardsales!

This morning was our neighborhood yard sale. We had every intention of having one too but it just didn't happen. But, I did get some cool stuff.
A chalk board for the kitchen.
A toy organizer for the living room.
A laminator for scrapbooking.
A penny whistle.
2 little kids size rakes.
A purse.
4x6 glossy photo paper.
And the grand finale...a boxing alien.

Total amount spent: $11.50
Total I would have spent retail: At least $189

Yeah for Yardsales!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Here's yer sign

Bobby's dad is a big fan of Bill Envalls shtick "Here's your sign". We will all be laughing about something and all of a sudden he will say "Here's yer sign!" It always gets a laugh around here. Yesterday Bobby and I were apparently wearing signs that said "Talk to us about our t-shirts". We got a check in the mail (hallelujah!) so we went to dinner at Outback. Munchkin had eaten a good lunch and snack so I figured she could share my salad and whatever Bobby was having. Little Man had eaten a great lunch and we knew he would probably fill up on milk and bread and refuse anything else. So we only had to buy for the two of us.
When our server came to the table he noticed Bobby's Seattle Mariners shirt (from 1997) and struck up a conversation about Seattle. He was also wearing a Seattle shirt under his work shirt. I was really hoping he was not planning on stripping for us before taking our order (or ever for that matter). Not long after another server walked by and noticed my Switchfoot T-shirt. He decided to educate us on what Jon Foreman is doing with Reliant K these days. I actually got 2 comments on that shirt yesterday which was unusual since I don't normally get comments and I have probably been wearing it once a week for the last, oh dear, I guess almost 3 years. Yeah, we went to that concert when I was pregnant with Little Man at Rocketown.
Bobby pointed to his sleeve there the little logo was and said "Here's my sign!" Which of course made us laugh.
Unfortunately I think our sign is "Go buy new clothes that haven't been worn for 10 years". Maybe next time we are out we will have a conversation about how cool we are instead of realizing how lacking in our fashion sense we are. Or, maybe not. We like our ten year old t-shirts.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things I pray for my children

Today at MOPS we had a speaker that asked us what kind of things we pray for our children. These are a few of mine:
That they will have a generous spirit.
That they will come to know Christ at an early age.
That their walk with Christ will be their walk not mine.
That they will be able to stand up for themselves when necessary.
That they will meet and marry solid Christians.
That they will always have a sense of right and wrong and will choose what is right.
That they will be adventurous and will take chances.
That they will be able to see hurting people and want to help them.
That they choose their friends wisely.
That through hardships they persevere.
That they always know that I love them.
That they stay healthy.

What are some of the things you pray for your kids?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Friends, food, fun conversation all make me a happy girl. I love my kiddos and my hubby above all but it does my soul good to get out and be with girlfriends too. I long for time to chat and share our hearts. It takes me awhile to trust and let people in sometimes but when you are in you are in!

To all of my friends that I can call at a moments notice thanks! When I need to whine about my house or the moments my children are not so perfect you are there. When it is time to celebrate with the "girls" you make me laugh. I can cry with you, I can shop with you, I can share with you. Thank you ladies that I call friends!

Things I love to hear my children say at dinner

May I have some soy milk please?
Mommy, may I have some more broccoli please?
Thank you for cooking.
This is delicious.
I like it! I really like it!
I finished it!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have you been struck by lightening? We have....

Well, I suppose not directly but the building we were in got struck. Last night we were given the opportunity to trade out some babysitting and jumped at the chance. There is a brand new theatre that opened last night in Gallatin and Spiderman 3 opened so of course it was the thing to do.
Bobby tried to buy tickets online but their code monkey apparently has problems with scripts so the site wasn't working.

We dropped our kiddos off at Angela and Ron's and headed for Gallatin. We stopped by the theatre thinking we would be lucky to get tickets to the 8:00 show. There were very few people there so he got our tickets and we sped off to dinner. Since we had about an hour and a half we decided sit down wouldn't cut it with the wait and everything. So instead of O'Charleys, Chili's or Longhorn we hit Zaxbys. I like that place a lot. It is fast food but nicer atmosphere and better food than most fast food places.
We got back to the theatre around 7 and had an hour to hang out and wait. We hit the concession stand, looked at all of the posters and ran into a guy and his wife that Bobby workds with. One of the cool things about the theatre was free refills. The drinks are all out where you can get them yourself.
We finally got into the theatre. It has stadium seating, plush rocking chairs, and of course DLP technology. There was a sense of excitement from everyone, not just about the movie but about being in a brand new theatre. It had almost a new car smell to it...until Bobby opened his twizzlers. :)
The lights started to dim for the previews and everyone cheered. Bobby and I thought we were in for at least 20 minutes worth of previews but I think there were only 3. Sometimes I start to feel like Elaine in Seinfeld at the movies. (Was that an SNL sketch or an actual episode? )

About an hour into the movies smack in the middle of a huge action sequence everything went dark. A few seconds later the lights came back on. I decided a trip to the ladies room was in order since we seemed to be having an intermission. There were people coming out of all of the theatres to refill their drinks, go to the restroom and find out what was happening. When I got back a girl came in and apologized for the delay, that we had been struck by lightening and that they would get the movie back on as soon as they could. After another 5 minutes she came back and gave everyone in the theatre a free ticket to come back any time. Before they had finished handing them out to everyone the power came back on and we were back into Spideyland.

We were completely impressed with the service offered at this theatre. Of course it was spotless being opening night but they even came and opened the door for us as they saw us walking toward the entrance. I am sure they didn't expect to have to use rain check tickets the very first night. Because of the service everyone was content to wait on the movie to come back on and I think everyone left happy. Now, wouldn't it be nice if every business offered that kind of service?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brainwashing and evaluations

My husband has brain washed our daughter. Tonight we were headed home from church and Munchkin was having a conversation with herself. She was pretending to watch a race and she named Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon the winners. Then she had Kasey Kahne, Jimmie Johnson, and that guy in red (Dale Jr) and the guy in the orange car (Tony Stewart) also all winning at the same time. Bobby and I were giggling in the front seat because she got so many of the names right. Also, Kevin Harvick is Bobby's favorite driver so he was tickled that she had him winning first!

Today was Little Mans evaluation to see if he is going to go to Preschool in the fall. It was pretty amazing, he did things today that we have never seen him do. He came over to us and told us he had to potty, clearly answering questions that the evaluators asked, gave only 1 item to someone on request, and strung tiny beads. It didn't seem like the evaluators thought he would need more therapy. I may try to see if we can still get some services even if he doesn't qualify. With the ACC I want him to get as much as he can in these first few years when his brain is still pliable and elastic.

Crazy kids! I just love them!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just overheard

from the living room. My four year old daughter telling her two year old brother "You are not going to Hollywood, that was too pitchy!"

Public school vs Homeschool

What is your take on this debate? I would love to have a good discussion on this. What do you think the pros and cons of each are? Also, what do you think each will look like in five years?