Tuesday, January 30, 2007


For those of you in Hendersonville, Gallatin and White House there is an information meeting about what to do if the Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky was to break. There are 2 options:

Feb 6
Wolf Creek & Center Hill Dam breaking meeting (option 1)
This is important because if Wolf Creek dam breaks, Old Hickory Lake will rise 15 feet.
Metro's North Police Precinct, 2231 26th Ave. N.

Feb 12
Wolf Creek & Center Hill Dam breaking meeting (option 2)
This is important because if Wolf Creek dam breaks, Old Hickory Lake will rise 15 feet.
Hendersonville City Hall, 101 Maple Drive N.

Here is a link to a news story that has a diagram of what would be underwater.
I am not trying to be an alarmist but after the tornado's last year I just want you all to be safe!

Monday, January 29, 2007

6 degrees

Have you ever played that game 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon? I for one am only like 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon so neener neener! :) He thought that it would be a passing joke but since it wasn't he has turned it into something really cool. If you go to sixdegrees.org you can find charities that you like, create a banner and put them on your blog or in email. I created mine for some of the charities that I support including National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum, Mary Parrish Center for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, and Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research. Check out the sidebar to donate or get your own banner.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I know, you are thinking "Oh no! How much of Munchkins hair had to be cut off after a tub of peanut butter was used to try and get the gum out!" The answer is......none! This is a post about Little Man. Tonight at the grocery store Munchkin got to pick a little treat when we got done shopping. She picked Bubble Yum Hershey gum. Who knew they made chocolate flavored gum? I gave Little Man a tiny piece so he could try it and made sure to tell him "Just chew it, don't swallow it. Do you understand?" "yeh" was the answer. When we got in the car I realized he wasn't chewing anymore so I asked "Is your gum still in your mouth or did you swallow it?" "swa-yow" was the sweet little answer from the backseat. It was such a cute word I had to write it down. So, hopefully it doesn't really take 7 years to pass through the digestive system.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember the dish soap?

I should be so much more thankful than I am that Little Mans fine motor skills are getting so much better..and I am....for things like zippers and buttons and picking his nose. I am not so thrilled about him being able to get small bottles open. The dish soap was in a bottle with a flip top lid.
I have been really thinking about a new scrapbook cabinet/armoire and thought we should go look at one tonight. After looking at one we went to Hobby Lobby for a couple of things. Bobby put Little Man in the cart (which was a good thing) and Munchkin and I ran to the restroom..4 year old bladder ya know. Bobby needed to run to get something else and mentioned that Little Man had a small bottle of black craft paint. I didn't think much of it since it had a twist off cap. While looking at some of the items that were 66% off he started crying and saying my hand! my hand! He had gotten the bottle of grey paint and got the cap off. He poured grey paint in the cart, on his pants, and all over the floor. How's that for a record? 2 aisle cleanups in 2 weeks.....no more bottles of any kind of liquid for Little Man EVER!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What a weekend!

This weekend some friends and I went on a little scrapbooking retreat. There were 9 of us that went to The Scrap House. Trying to save money I booked us for Saturday and Sunday night but should have done Friday and Saturday. After Little Mans swimming lesson I drove out to the retreat. The 2 girls I was sharing a room with were already there so I threw my overnight stuff in the room and staked out my table. We got dinner from Partytime Pizza and Tanning. How those two things go together I don't know. It was decent pizza so we were all happy with it. I think most of us stayed up until around 1:30 am and then went to bed.

Most people had to go home Sunday night so since the Scrap House is pretty close to home I met Bobby and the kids for dinner at Rafferty's and spent the night in my own bed. Bobby stayed home with the kiddos Monday and let me get one more day of full time scrapping done. I got 42 pages done, mostly in Little Mans 1st year book. As soon as I can get the pictures up on the computer I will post some of the layouts I did. I did discover a new toy that I really really want. It is called a Cricut and cuts letters in different sizes and fonts....maybe for Christmas or my birthday....
This weekend was just fantastic. It made me feel good when I got to Rafferty's both of the kiddos were really excited to see me. It was a nice change from hearing fighting and arguing. Talking to one of my friends today she said it made her feel like a better mother to get away and do something for herself. I think I can agree with that. I love my kids and my husband with every fiber of my being and I want to be with them every minute that I can but it felt good to get something accomplished and to have some girl time. I am glad to be home but I am looking forward to the next time I can get 42 or more scrapbook pages done.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A funny word and the F word

There are those funny words that kids mispronounce. I really want to remember what kid said what when they are older so I can harass them! :) One of my favorites for Little Man is Pizza. He says Pee-yas.

Then there is the F word. No not that F word. The other one....fart. That is apparently Munckins new favorite word. She just thinks it is so funny to say! I heard it all the way to church last night. She didn't say it at church but as soon as we got back in the car...fart (hahahahahahah), fart (hahahahaha), fart (hahahahha). Bobby tried to kill it last night before she got in bed but it didn't help. If it was a really bad word there was no way she would still be saying it but you have to admit it is a pretty funny word....fart.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dish soap

Did you know that Dawn dish soap takes greasy oily stains out of clothes? I was out of Dawn, elbow macaroni and cheddar cheese so I thought I would trek over to the Piggly Wiggly. Now for those of you that have know us for awhile we can NEVER find anything we need at the Pig. We used to joke you could get pig brains but no rice cakes, or 18 different types of chewing tobacco but no pantyhose. I figured I was pretty safe with the items I needed so off we went.

The carts, or buggies for y'all in the south, have enough room for a child to ride on the bottom but the top is kind of shallow. I let Munchkin ride on the bottom and stuck Little Man in the top. We got around to the dish soap aisle and I got the Dawn. Not thinking anything about how Little Man likes to bang stuff I stuck it in the cart near him. When I got around to the pasta aisle I noticed Little Man bang something, then Munchkin jumped off the bottom of the cart and started screaming. He had gotten the dish soap open and was pouring it on his sisters' head. She was wearing a jacket with a hood on as she didn't want to get rained on and hadn't taken the hood off yet. Unfortunately that did not stop the soap from running into her eyes and getting in the front of her hair. So, now I have one child standing in the aisle screaming bloody murder, the other one still in the cart crying because he doesn't know why his sister is crying and because I have yanked the bottle of dish soap away from him, and a huge mess of slippery dish soap under the cart.

I got to the front of the store with my screaming children and found out that the Pig does have a bathroom all the way at the back of the store. I made my way back to the bathroom and locked the door. As I am trying to explain to munchkin what I was trying to do she was still screaming her head off. I finally was able to pick her up and run her head under warm water to rinse all of the soap out of her hair. She still had soap in her eyes. Let me tell ya...reasoning with a 4 year old is not my happy place. You just get that point where you have to do what you need to do and let them understand later that you are doing it to help them. In this case putting water in her eyes to get the soap out so they wouldn't hurt anymore.

I am sitting here trying to think if I should get all spiritual or not. But I think this situation can relate to some of the things I have gone through. We as imperfect human being go through things and don't understand why. They hurt for awhile but if we follow what God wants for us it doesn't have to hurt as bad. When we follow in obedience what God wants us to do we can live our lives better. I never feel eloquent when talking about God but I know that He loves me and wants what is best for me.

Anyway, we got the soap out, finished our shopping, and got home in one (soggy) piece. Did I mention that taking my kiddos to the store is one of my all time favorite pastimes?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Did I mention

that I almost ran someone over the other night? There is an intersection not terribly far from me that is kind of interesting. If you get into the right hand lane at the first light you can go straight or turn right. At the second light you have to turn right and it goes around the corner to a yield. Well, I was at the first light and the 2nd light turned green. These two lights are probably about 1/2 a block a part so the light was really green by the time I got to the second light and slammed on my brakes due to the person who was stopped like a deer in my headlights. I probably stopped about 2 feet from her but it seemed like mere inches. I was praising God that the street was not wet.
Why do people cross the street where there is no crosswalk? I just don't get it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Last night Munchkin heard Bobby telling me about a conversation he had had with a friend of ours that lives out of state. Geoff had told him that his youngest daughters favorite game to play is "ghosting". She puts a towel or sheet over her head and runs around the house running into things. Tonight Munchkin put her towel over her head and yelled "I'm a ghost!" Then she pulled the towel off and said in a concerned voice "Ghostes are extinct right?"
Silly girl!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Boxing Boy

Here is Wiiman playing the boxing game:

A few things

We have been super busy the last few days and it is looking like the ends of our weeks are going to be like that the next few months. Our schedule with Easter Seals got changed so we are now doing ALL three therapies for Little Man on Fridays. Today I am also running dinner to a couple of friends in Gallatin so I am not sure how I am going to make it back to downtown Nashville by appointment time.These are some muffins we made a couple of weeks ago that are supposed to look like mice.

Yesterday was the first day back to swimming for Munchkin. Bobby graciously kept Little Man home so I could go to the mall with my friend Angela and her little girl after the lesson. We hit up Subway for a low points lunch then headed to The Pampered Palace for some Razzle Dazzle Dust. Hallmark is going out of business so we checked on Crocs then went to Dillard's to check on Crocs there. The girls found their very own dress up area..I mean women's hat area all to themselves. They were thrilled with trying on the feathery ones especially.

After a trip to get icees we should have been headed home but I needed to run to Target to see if I could find Little Man some swim trunks. Guess what! It is January and Target has swim suits. Who in their right mind wants to see themselves in a swimsuit right after the holidays? Oh well, thanks to those crazy people I was able to get Little Man some Spiderman swim trunks, Munchkin a pretty new swim suit (her old one was too tight in the shoulders), a camera case for her digital camera (it was on clearance) and I got 2 Doodle Monsters for $2.48 each. They were $15. Santa brought Munchkin a little bitty Doodle Monster but she has wanted a big one since they came out. The cool think is they pull apart so Little Man can practice hand strength on them.

I made a terrible dinner for Bobby and the kids and then left to go play Pokeeno with some girls from Sunday School. Can I just say those girls are FUNNY!
Anyway, it has been a busy week and hopefully the weekend will be a little slower paced.

Little Man and Munchkin love the Wii as much as Bobby does. Especially boxing for WiiMan and Golf for Monkii. My nickname on there is Mommii and Bobbys is Luckiiday. Silly but fun!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Belated Birthday

Since we have been short on cash due to a computer changeover causing all contract workers checks to just vanish out of the system, I was not able to finish buying Bobbys birthday present on his birthday. Well, we finally got a check yesterday. I paid all of our bills that had just passed the due date and had enough leftover for groceries, gas and his gift.

I have been looking for this all over the place and have not been able to find it. I ran into Game Stop by church and said to the two guys behind the counter "Please tell me you have a Wii and that those are not empty boxes in the window!" In some cases that might have been followed by a very awkward silence....in this case I was in luck! They had 1 Wii left. As the one guy was ringing my purchase up another lady came in and asked if they had a Wii. She was pretty mad when they said I was getting the very last one. I felt kind of bad except she had a horrible attitude and I was trying to corrall my children while paying for the Wii.

The best part was the look on Bobbys face when he opened it. First he picked up the present and shook it around a bit and said he had no idea what it was. When he opened it he said "You didn't!" then "You did!" (Complete look of shock on his face) "I can't believe it!" "This is my very first game console ever...did my parents tell you that my grandma gave us a nintendo game system and took it back to get us laser guns?"

After 9 years of marraige I am glad I can still surprise him sometimes!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Men and Women

I discovered a funny difference between mommas and daddies the other evening. Usually when I rock Little Man to sleep I sing something like Jesus Loves Me or Amazing Grace. The other night Bobby put him to bed and I heard him humming the Star Wars theme.

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Lover is Mine

Our friends from college Bryan Ashmore (Bobby's old roommate) and Aly Hawkins just had a book published by Regal (a Christian publishing company) publishing. It is a book of poetry inspired by the Song of Solomon. Go buy it now! There is amazing art done by Ramon Deslauriers who is a friend of theirs from Seattle and husband to Cherise (Morphea) who I have the pleasure of conversing with via AddisonRd. I have only had the chance to read 1 of the poems so far but it was amazing. You can see a preview on Amazon.com.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Eat Now?

My eat now? Is one of the funny things that Little Man says all the time! Every time I come around a corner:My eat now? You would think I don't feed the child!

Tonight he was just a little stinker...climbed on the table, wouldn't stay at the table for dinner, dumped rice on the floor....

As I was bringing him over to change his diaper he said "You no spank my bum bum!!" He also likes to repeat anything and everything Munchkin says. That means her little attitude she has started in with is rubbing off just a bit. Hopefully that will stop soon. He is also singing like crazy and dancing for anyone who will watch. It looks like when he starts taking guitar we will have to restring so he can play left handed. What a silly boy! And to think last year at this time we wondered if he would ever walk much less jump and dance. God is good!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Someone is twenty-twelve today!

My sweet hubby is 32 today. We like to say twenty twelve though to trick the youngsters into buying his CD. It is way cooler to be late 20s than early 30s.
I have a surprise for Bobby but he doesn't get to have it yet because it is not paid for yet (did I mention we haven't used credit cards in 2 years, hence the not paid for part yet). I was kind of bummed because we have been a little short on cash as of late. Once the money from working contract comes in things are fine but until then we are pinching pennies. I had money for lunch today but that was about it.
I went swimming at the gym at 6am and on my way home realized I had a couple of bucks on me. I ran to McDonald's and got a Cinnamon Melt and a Coke, brought them home and stuck a couple of candles in them and had the kids come into our room singing Happy Birthday so he could have breakfast in bed. I know it wasn't gourmet or anything but he seemed to think it was a nice gesture.
After sending Bobby off to work the kids and I had to run a few errands, pick up birthday cards, pick up a check for the scrapbook retreat I am organizing, get gas. Then we were off to pick Bobby up from work to take him to PF Chang's. Yum! That place is just so yummy! Since I am trying to keep my calories down he ordered a shrimp dish since he didn't have to share it with me..just the kids. I don't do shellfish but apparently my children do. They were nice enough to bring him a brownie at the end of the meal with a little candle in it.
After we got home and Little Man took a very short nap we headed off to the park to fly his new Aero Ace. It crashed and the nose broke off and some kid on a skateboard tried to take off with it.
Then for a huge right of passage, we took the kids to the library and got each of them a library card. They each checked out 2 books on their cards. Now we just have to get them back on time.

We got a few gift cards to Target and Bobby thought he would like to go spend some. Right before we left we got the mail and low and behold there was a gift card from his parents to Chili's. Now this gift card can also be used at Macaroni Grill so we decided that is where we would go for dinner. It is Bobby's favorite restaurant (besides anything and everything Mexican).

We both got some cool stuff at Target. I picked up a mini food processor, an old Lauren Hill CD, a Corrine Bailey Rae CD, and the movie 50 First Dates. Bobby got some new pants, the All American Rejects CD, some clamps, the movie Enemy at the Gates and some batteries. By this time the kids were really starting to get hungry so we headed off to the Macaroni Grill.

After we were seated we all noticed that we didn't have any crayons to color on the paper table cloth with. After our server took our drink order Munchkin said "Excuse me Sir, could you get some crayons for my brother and for me please?" I just about fell out of my chair trying to praise her for that. Bobby was so proud! I think they were a little busy tonight though because our service was not fantastic and our server I think was trying to get out of singing for Bobby by "forgetting" that they hostess had told him it was his birthday. He ended up doing it and got a nice round of applause.

It was not an epic kind of birthday but I think Bobby had fun. He can comment if he would like too. I hope next year I will be able to do far more than we did this year.

Bob Barker

always says to make sure to spay and neuter your pets. Apparently it is cheaper to do it in CA that in TN. We have been meaning to get Kelsey spayed but have not had the extra $200 laying around to get it done. Now we have a dog in heat that has to stay in her kennel so she doesn't make a mess all over the house. In a couple of weeks all will be fine as long as we don't end up with puppies...there is another section of fence broken....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Munchkin turned on the TV this morning to the funeral of President Gerald Ford. Former President George Bush was giving a speech and imitated Saturday Night Live characters imitating them. That was pretty funny. There was a moment not long after that, just a slight break where you could see President Bush almost cry. It makes me mourn for his wife and family and the people who knew him best. President Ford came into office just a month before I was born. My first recollection of a President was Ronald Regan. Even though I can't remember what things were like when he was in office there are people who do. I pray that President Ford is in a better place now.