Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Haaaam! Toot!

Are you a good cook? Do people compliment you when you cook...not that you need that validation when you know you are good...
I like to think I am a pretty good cook, I just don't do it very often. I don't normally think about what we are having for dinner until about 5:00...PM. Then I have an excuse for Bobby to take us out to dinner.
I did think ahead enough to realize I should probably cook Christmas Dinner since we weren't going anywhere.
I made ham. Now, I have made ham before but it is never just quite right. You know, too dry, kinda chewy.
Tonight's ham was different. I remembered a Christmas long ago when my mom made a ham that had cloves and pineapple, so I bought a small ham a can of pineapple and had cloves in the pantry. I called my mom to make sure that was right and she suggested scoring the ham in a diamond pattern and putting brown sugar on it as well.
When I pulled the ham out of the fridge I had no idea how to score the thing so I called in reinforcements...Bobby...so if it was messed up it wasn't my fault. He did a lovely job scoring the ham. I rubbed the whole thing with brown sugar and he helped me stick cloves all over it. I then attached pineapple rings with toothpicks, poured the juice in the pan, covered it and baked it for an hour and a half. Before I could serve it I had to reassure Munchkin and Bobby that I was not going to make them eat the pineapple. Bobby is afraid he will die if he eats it because his dad has an allergy to fresh pineapple.
It was so good!! I will definitely be making ham that way again! So there it is I am tooting my own horn on Christmas Day!

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  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    If Bobby was going to die from eating the pineapple he probably would have died from the pineapple juice on the ham. I'm glad what I told you worked out okay. I'm a pretty good cook myself!
    Love ya,