Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favorite Gifts?

What gifts did you or your kids get that were a total hit? Our kids got a lot of stuff but the favorites were:
Munchkin: the game Operation, her digital camera, and the big Polly doll
Little Man: a Spiderman laptop, his brush he got in his stocking, and the Little People Learning Zoo
Bobby: I think his favorite was Guitar Hero III for the WII
and for me: My very favorite was the Zoo Membership from Joe and Rox! Bobby got me the Cricut tools I have had my eye on for awhile along with The Wreckers Live CD! :)
What about you? What were your favorites?


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    i'm so behind! you've been posting away!

    i MUST try the ham. my mil made it that way this year and it was so good. will you post your exact recipe?

    i'm so glad christmas was good! i'll have to list ours. my honey still wants a wii. poor thing!

    and i loved your movie post! was enchanted good? my kiddos and i want to see it. i think movie going is one of the biggest changes in our post-kid marriage. i'm holding out for narnia come may!

  2. Ah, your hubby got Guitar Hero-- mine wanted it but didn't get it. We did get a Wii. I say "we" but the boys got it and we've all been playing with it- I'm not a video game person and I LOVE it!! Shhhh-don't tell my husband that- I didn't want him to get it for the boys. :)

  3. this is sad but my 2 favorite gifts were the label maker and Dyson vacuum cleaner!! Yeah pretty sure that means I'm officially getting old :)