Sunday, December 02, 2007


Munchkin is part of the Daisy Girl Scouts this year. We went on our first field trip a couple of weeks ago to learn some of Nashville's history. We went to Bicentennial Mall downtown and learned all kinds of neat facts. Things like: there are bells to represent each of the counties, there are 16 flags, and a huge map of the state. You can walk from Memphis to Knoxville in about 30 seconds flat. :)
The girls loved learning the history but also just liked hanging out together.

We found a ranger to tell us about the capital and some of the history.
After our self-guided walking tour we checked out the Farmers Market and had lunch there. Munchkin had sesame chicken and soup. When she got hers she said to her daddy "Hey, there are hamburger seeds on my chicken!" She shared with a couple of the girls because her plate was so full.
Another yummy find was Moose head KettleCorn. They were selling it out front of the Farmers Market. It made a great treat for our trip to TX for Thanksgiving.
I loved being in Girl Scouts and I hope Munchkin will like it just as much.

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