Sunday, December 02, 2007

Church #6

Church #6:
Distance from our house:
15 minutes

Membership: Around 350 but it is broken up into 4 services

Friendliness of members: Everyone was really friendly and it helped that we already had friends there.

Ease of finding classrooms: Our friends showed us where everything was and got us all checked in.

Sermon: The sermon was done on video which brought out the cynical side in Bobby at the beginning. But, both of us liked the fact that the pastor used his Bible. He talked about Gods character, he used verses from the old and the new testament, and even though we were watching the screen it was ok. At out other church we were too and our pastor was live. We also liked that communion was set up in the back of the sanctuary so you could take it if you wanted to but didn't feel pressured to.

Music: Was rockin! I thought Bobby might stay and play for the second service as he was up in the front talking to the musicians for so long afterward. I think most of the songs were Hillsong and the singer sounded like Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay.

Kids program: Munchkin said as we got in the car "I loved the kids program at this church!" She held up her paper and told us that they learned about Mary and Elizabeth and that they were both going to have babies.
Little Man was sad when we dropped him off but I think he had a really good time too.

Followup: I don't know what the follow up will be like but several of our friends go there so I am sure we will hear something.

We really like this church and I think it is almost a tie between Church 5 and Church 6 (like it is a competition...). Both were super friendly, both had music we could relate to, both had solid biblical teaching, both had great kids programs, both have Life Groups instead of Sunday School, both are very focused on community involvement. I think it might come down to distance....

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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Distance makes a huge difference, especially as your kids get older. We loved our last church, but the fact was that we were in another community, our kids didn't go to school with any of those kids, and we were driving 20-25 minutes each way. So mid-week activities quickly became burdensome. The newness wore down, and practicality settled in. I still long for and miss those people in my life. We spend holidays and special times with them. They're like family. But our decision to leave was heavily weighted upon the fact that we want our kids to have some friends who are both at church and at school. This provides us a way to "do life" together; rather than running the rat race of being here, there and everywhere in between! It's not easy...we live 20 minutes away from church now. But it's best for the kids in the long run. Their new school will be within 3 miles of our current church home. Hopefully, when they're older and driving..they'll be with friends from school/church and we'll know the parents!! And can spy on them when we want!! Ha! With my 8 year old, this move has made a huge impact on her self-confidence, personality, and actually her spiritual growth. She's been able to share her life with these kids, M-F, and at church too. Many of them sing on the praise team together. That's just plain cool to me! I wish I had those types of friends growing up.

    I know it's a difficult decision, and God will provide an answer. Just be willing to keep seeking if needed. We probably spent a year or more looking before we knew. That was tough, but family became very important during that time and Aaron really came into his own as being a leader.....we had church at home on many occasions.