Monday, December 17, 2007

Braeside Inn

Bobby and I got to spend our 10th anniversary weekend in the Smoky Mountains. My mom and dad came out and stayed with the kiddos and the dog so we could go. It was so nice to leave them with family and not have to figure out something to do with the dog.

After having lunch on Thursday at Red Robin and then heading to a gas station to fill a tire on the SUV Bobby and I hit the road. We made it about 30 miles when we ended up stuck in traffic for an hour or so due to an accident that had happened around 8:30 am. I called 511 to see what the holdup was and the accident wasn't expected to be cleared until 6:30 PM. Not a promising start to the weekend.

We finally made it to The Braeside Inn. Wendy came out to greet us and gave us a brief overview of the Inn. She was so nice and I felt really bad that I hadn't thought to call her and tell her we would be a little later because of the traffic. After we got settled in our room we went to Conner's for dinner. For some reason I thought we were going to the Chop House.The website must say something about the Chop House. Anyway, we decided to stay at Conner's for our anniversary dinner and the food was good. When we finally made it back to the Inn I was able to walk around and get a few pictures. Wendy had some fresh baked cookies out and ready for us.

Our first morning we got up and got ready for the day before heading out for breakfast. Tom (Wendy's husband) served breakfast and made sure to tell us that Wendy would ask later how he did. And, she did! :) He served Poached Pears with Honey and yogurt and cranberry bread. It was delicious.

We thought we would go to the Aviation Museum that day and to the big scrapbook store. I pretty much spent my Christmas money on scrap supplies.

While at the Aviation Museum we got to see a T28 take off. The woman who took our picture apparently didn't know how to work a digital camera. By the time she took our picture our eyes were burning and we got this lovely picture:

We went to The Old Mill restaurant for lunch that day and The Applewood Restaurant for dinner. We were both completely stuffed.

Our second day we thought about driving down into Gatlinburg but Tom mentioned the Arts and Crafts Loop instead. I am so glad we took his suggestion. Gatlinburg is fun but it is such a tourist trap now. The Arts and Craft Loop is all local artisans.We saw a glassblower, woodworkers, and other crafty people. In one particular store the shop owner asked us where we were from. When we mentioned Nashville he told us that he watched some show with bands from Nashville the night before...and had actually voted. We apparently don't have the same musical taste as him...of course we are biased toward DMHO. He was a pretty opinionated guy!

After hitting a bunch of shops, window shopping, admiring the wide open spaces and the grandeur of the mountains we finished our little loop by heading into the National Park. We only got to go a little way in though because the road was pretty pot holey. On the loop I saw this car and though it would be a cool picture. I saw it back in April when I was there with Angela and Beth and wondered if it would still be there.

We finished off our adventure with lunch at the Alamo Steak House and Saloon. The food was really good there. Bobby was proud of himself for picking a yummy restaurant. That is the steakhouse behind us. It is right across the street from the Chapel of Love where a little wedding was taking place.

We decided to head back to the Inn and just take it easy for a while. We found Trivial Pursuit in the common room. I got my hiney kicked because I am not the queen of all things least not before 1981. Wendy made some hot chocolate for us and brought out all kinds of treats from cranberry shortbread and jam crisps to traditional Christmas mincemeat pastries. It was all delicious and we loved eating it!
Tom used to work making Dulcimers and they have one out in the common room. Bobby tuned it and we both tried to play it. I was able to pick out a few note of Silent Night on it but Bobby of course (my musical genius of a hubby) was able to play entire songs. I love that about him! That he can pick up pretty much any instrument and play it!

This is the view from the Braeside driveway:
Our last night we went to Gondolier Pizza for dinner. It was a very family friendly place and made us miss our kiddos even more than we did...well, except for the kid screaming in a high pitched squeal. Both of us really enjoyed our dinner. That night was kind of hard to sleep, there was a wind storm that blew a rocking chair all the way down the porch. But, we knew what it was and were fine. The first two mornings we woke up to fog the third morning this was the view from our room:

Beautiful! We had such a lovely, romantic trip. I can't wait to do it again. Grandparents, when do you want to come babysit again?
If you are going to the smokies stay at Braeside! You will not be disappointed!


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Man, that place looks AWESOME!

  2. So glad you guys had a good trip. Love the pictures!:)

  3. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Beautiful! Love all the pics..LOVE THAT CAR!! I wanna get away! :)