Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Girls today play with Polly Pockets like we played with many years ago. I suppose there are still little girls that play with barbies but Munchkin has never been interested. She loves her Polly's though. I am babysitting 3 of the 6 band kids. I can't count my own since they are mine but with them there are 5 kids at my house. They are all being really, really good. Munchkin, drummergirljr and bassgirljr are playing Polly's in one corner while Little Man and drummerboyjr are playingwith Little People in another. We are just waiting for Shrek the Halls to come on and hopefully everyone will go to sleep. Munchkin has school tomorrow so she has to be in bed early. Ok, Shrek the Halls is on, now if we can get the Polly's picked up we will be in business.


Susan said...

We watched Shrek the Halls last night. :) Cute!
I have two boys so I feel like I am out of the loop on what little girls are in to these days. So Polly Pockets are big-- what else? I have two eight year old girls to buy for- any suggestions?

Jennifer Kristen Cady said...

Missed it! We were at church and my kids were BUMMED out! I always have toy clutter. Such is the life of a child.

silly me said...

what a good night! i love polly's - i can't wait til my girl is big enough to play with some. so that i can play with some!!!

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