Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh the Joy

of cleaning house.
I'll admit it. I am a horrible housekeeper. I am not sure where I get it. Mom, maybe you can give me some insight...
I am pretty good at keeping my kitchen clean. There are days when the dishes will sit but I feel like if my kitchen is clean at least we are not going to get sick.
My problem really is the clutter. If I could get out from under the clutter it would be much easier to clean everything.
We live in a very old house (90 years old next year) and it is drafty. We have a large dog that drags in dirt. We also have a cat that sheds. Plus two kiddos that think it is fun to pick up any pine cone or acorn they can find and bring home for a "craft".
I just pulled the couch out from the wall to sweep out from under it. I found, in no particular order, a 2 Polly pockets, a Polly pocket boot, 2 Polly pocket hangers, the flyswatter I have been searching high and low for, the red magnadoodle, about $1.50 in change, a couple of dog treats that were apparently being saved, 3 miniature airplanes, and a lot of dog hair. Gross.
OK, enough stalling I need to get back in and finish rearranging and cleaning my living room and dining room.
Did I mention I bought a new vacuum? Yeah, I was totally disgusted when I vacuumed my area rug in the living room. But glad that I bought the new vacuum!


  1. I feel you, Karen! I have been cleaning today too- steam cleaning my carpets. The water I've had to dump out of my steam cleaner has been disgusting! And I still couldn't get the coffee stain or the crushed, smashed , ground in orange cheeto crud out.
    Do you like the Dirt Devil?

  2. The never ENDING drain of cleaning!!! I avoid it but face it everyday, if that makes sense. I want a Jetsons "Rosie" Robot or Calgon to take me away!I know...keep dreaming.... Oh well, time to do the laundry! :)

  3. Cleaning we'll that is something I have come to realize is really over-rated. I mean really if we would all just agree we don't mind going to people's house with clutter everywhere would our lives be easier? Ok so that may never happen and we will continue to fight the good fight and clean. But we could at least reward ourselves when we are done with COOKIES!! Sorry I forgot my cookie patch today. :-)

  4. did you know that if you play Christmas music REALLY LOUD while you clean it makes it better!!! There's just something about it that can make the whole day better...try it!!!!

  5. I actually have a country stars wing the classic hymns album that has been working well. Little Man ran in the kitchens yelling "I fly away! I fly away!"

  6. I like the idea of the cookie reward. :)

  7. Oh the joy out your closet. That's right, I tackled my closet today and it's been a while so tomorrow I'm headed to Good Will. It took me all day and into the evening and when Ron got home he wandered if he would have a place to sleep because of all the stuff on the bed. I am glad to say that I DID IT! I finished and even though it was 8pm at least it is done. to eat some cookies.:)

  8. that is so funny! it makes me want to do a post on what i find under my couch! (and i can't wait til we get to the polly pockets phase - i love them! we're more star wars right now! ;) )