Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Gym

I was bummed when Little Man aged out of all of his PT, OT, and TIPS services. We had great therapists and we miss them. Plus, he was making such great progress with all of his motor skills. Some of the parents at Easter Seals would talk about My Gym and how wonderful it was. Well, one opened in Hendersonville recently and that was easier to get to than the ones down in Williamson county. Little Man loves it....for the most part. There are things he really doesn't like to do but we still try to have him do it anyway. It helps to get him doing things that work his motor skills. Each time he does something new I am always amazed and grateful for the people that work with him. He climbed up this slide then slid down but he has tried climbing some of the ladders too.

He LOVED standing on his head.
The first time he did the trapeze he was so excited! He loved this part with his legs over one bar and holding onto the other bar. I also love that you can see The Big Kahuna in the background doing a headstand.

He wasn't so sure about letting go but when he got down he was so proud of himself that he actually let go!
My Gym is expensive but it has been to good for Little Man. It is definitely worth it. Hmm...maybe we can write it off as therapy on our taxes.

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