Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dog update

So last night I let Kelsey in the house. She immediately ran at the kids, knocked Munchkin over and smacked Little Man in the face with her tail. This was all followed by screaming and crying until things were settled down again. Kelsey was hyper and wanted to play ball. I was done. I was tired of the screaming and crying and posted a bulletin on Myspace that said I needed to get rid of the dog before Thanksgiving. Someone forwarded it to someone and I have received 4 emails from different people telling me what a horrible person I am for wanting to "get rid of my dog". I suppose had I written "want to get her into a loving home" that it would have been a bit of a different response.

I already wrote what Kelsey's life is like with us. She has it pretty good here. But, she doesn't get walked, I am stressed out when she barks (when she is not wearing her bark collar), I am stressed out when I have to find someone to watch her when we travel, and I worry way too much about what our next door neighbor thinks of us and out pet owner skills. Am I doing the right thing in trying to find her a new home? I am so busy running Munchkin back and forth to school, taking Little Man to My Gym, going to church events, going to school events, and trying to spend a little time with my husband that she doesn't get the attention she needs.

I am sick to my stomach tonight thinking about how judgemental and rude the emails have been that I got. I am not a horrible person that just throws animals away. We have a 9 year old cat that moved across the country with us. We have not had any other pets besides Bean and Kelsey..well and the goldfish that Munchkin killed by overfeeding her. I know there is the thought that she will settle down soon but I don't know that that is the case. If she didn't jump on us, didn't get our hands in her mouth, didn't bark, and basically acted like a cat I think I would be OK.

Who knows. We may end up giving her up but if we don't find her a new home by Thanksgiving we may consider keeping her. I don't want to take her to a shelter and I obviously don't want her in a place where she will be abused. I want her to be with people that will love her, exercise her, feed her well and train her better than she is.

Sorry, this is just a vent post over a very touchy subject in our house right now.


  1. lurker here, found your site through joyfulchaos.

    everything you say about your dog could be said by me about mine. i got her to fill the hole that my beagle dog left. my dad suggested and my husband strongly agreed that we should get rid of her (the beagle), and i relented to my later regret. she was my first "child" before I had actual kids. in trying to replace her, i found a dog that i thought looked a lot like her. quite a bit bigger dog than the pictures suggested however.

    in addition, she's kinda hyper and strong and pushes my babies down. she barks, digs, and chews things up--most of this is probably done out of boredom, but bringing her in from the backyard is such a hassle. i like her, but it isn't with the deep devotion that i had toward our first dog.

    i don't have any advice for you other than to say that you're not alone.

    oh, and delete those negative emails without another thought. random people on myspace haven't lived your life and don't get to make you feel inferior.

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    You and Bobby are doing the right thing in trying to find a home for Kelsey and if someone doesn't like it, tell them to take a flying leap off a short pier! The kids have to come first.
    Love ya,

  3. Karen,
    It really bugs me when people you don't know tell you how horrible you are. It also bugs me when said people put animals ahead of children.

    If you have to get rid of her to keep your kids safe, then so be it.


  4. I'm sorry that people are sending nasty comments to you. I most definitely think you are doing the right thing. Someone said it in an above comment-- your kiddos come first.

  5. Karen I know this is difficult. It's not like when you got her you said hey lets keep her for awhile, make her part of the family and then kick her out on the street. No, life happens and being responsible you are trying to find a home for her. I'm right there with you. We have had our dogs, 1 for 5 years the other for 4, and we are giving them away this weekend to an old friend from HS. It is incredibly hard but it IS the best thing for them. Hey, maybe when the kids get older and bigger so they're not knocked down you can try it again...or not! :) good luck on finding her a home!

  6. amen, amen, amen, and AMEN!

    i'm sorry i didn't read this sooner and pray for you earlier.

    myspace needs to grow up. and have babies.

    i talked to megan on the phone yesterday (your first comment) and we solved the world's pet problems!

    really, when you have kids life changes. i don't talk about it often because people do go nuts.

    we don't have a dog. we've tried. i've kicked them all out. i can't feed a mouth that didn't come from my body right now. i can't clean up after one more being. i can't potty train anything that won't walk on 2 legs eventually. i can't. i won't. i tell my kids when the youngest child gets 5 years old we'll talk about it.

    our hermit crabs even died the other day from neglect. oh the guilt. c'mon how hard can it be to keep hermit crabs alive?

    we do have one cat. because my husband wouldn't let me leave her to her devices when we moved! we love her, but not like we did before the kids started coming. it's just generally the way of life. not for everybody but definitely for me.

    i love you, girl. i'm sorry about the stress and the not nice people. i have prayed for you.