Friday, November 16, 2007

Church #5

Church #5:
Distance from our house:
20 minutes

Membership: maybe 200ish? Meets in a Middle School auditorium

Friendliness of members: really, really friendly. With a small church they obviously knew we were visitors and made every effort to help us find everything.

Ease of finding classrooms: Someone took us to find Munchkins room and showed us where everything was. They showed us where Little Man would go too. He stayed with us that day though due to a snotty nose.

Sermon: Kind of strange. It was good but we were at the end of a sermon series and it wasn't a typical sermon. The pastor would make a point, leave the stage, the band would play a song and he would get back up to make another point. They did make sure to tell us that it wasn't normally like that. We are planning to listen to some of the other sermons online.

Music: All over the map. Part of what they were doing that Sunday was showcasing some of the different styles they use in their services and there were several professional musicians brought in. A girl that sings with Mandisa sang Shackles, they did a bluegrass rendition of I'll Fly Away, a rock version of How Great Thou Art and a country song. Plus there was one traditional in there as well. We LOVED it. Bobby felt like he would want to play there sometimes.

Followup: Munchkin has received a post card and more information in their childrens program already. So far we haven't heard anything but there is a big focus on the kids there. One of the really cool things for us was that they have Life Groups. Ours would meet on Sunday and the kids can come. That is a big deal to us because we can't pay a babysitter every time we have a church thing and have no family here to watch the kids for us. When we talked to a guy about the life groups we told him we had moved here from CA 6 years ago. He asked where and we told him Glendora and both of us went to Azusa Pacific. He said "No, way! My wife and I lived in Glendora and she went to Azusa Pacific!" It was one of those moments where we felt like we could be connected and could serve and be part of something great all at the same time. I think we will be visiting again in the near future!

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  1. i love these reviews. i read some of this one to matt. i especially identify with the home groups that the allow your kids to come. this is what we're having trouble with right now.

    good luck with your search and keep us posted!