Friday, November 09, 2007


Last week you got to hear how much of a strain cleaning my house was. Well, it was all for these ladies. They all came over to play Bunco on Tuesday. We had such a fun evening of chatter and dice. If you haven't played Bunco you should get the game and play. The next evening Munchkin wanted to play so she, Little Man and I played for awhile. She was so excited because she even won a couple of the rounds!

Thanks ladies for a fun evening!


  1. I had a blast! Thanks for opening up your home!

  2. I started a Bunko group here this past year. I played for 2 years with a group in H'ville. What's so funny to me is that everyone I meet that plays, plays it completely different! I tried reading that website and my head started swimming! And apparently I spell it wrong too - where I got that I'm not sure. Such fun to have a group of girls to goof off and relax with one evening/month!

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  4. Blogda5:33 PM

    I was Goggling "Bunco", and I found your blog...great stuff! I'm new to Bunco, but I love it! My daughter-in-law's Mom invited me to her group and I can't get enough of it. She told me about this High Rollers Club at, and it's been so much fun! It's not only all about Bunco, but you can set up a great scrapbook with your photo and videos. Love it! Anyway, thanks for the great blog, and keep on rollin'!