Friday, October 19, 2007

Wiped Out

Today was a big fund raiser day at Munchkins school. The kids all got matching tshirts, learned a couple of things about yoga, got to see a dog trainer, ate lunch in their classrooms and ran laps. Munchkin went around yesterday asking the neighbors if they would like to sponsor her. They each gave a flat donation so it wouldn't based on how many laps she ran. We did say not to feel bad if they did not want to donate but c'mon have you seen my kid? How could you say no? :) She ended up raising $88 including the $8 she made at her lemonade stand last week. That means she gets to pick some cool prize at school next week.

The kindergartners each estimated how many laps they would run. Munchkin was realistic and said 10. There were a couple that were convinced that they were going to run 80. Yeah...I am fairly certain that is physically impossible in the time allotted. One kid from her class though did run probably over 20. Munchkin managed 16 laps and that was even walking a few of them.

Little Man got a shirt today too and was so excited to be at Munchkins school all day long. He even ran a few laps with the big kids. He first one he just took off and ran the whole thing without Munchkin, me or Bobby by his side. For another one he turned around and came back saying her couldn't find Munchkin anywhere. She was about half a lap ahead of him.
When we finally got home Munchkin wanted to make a banner since part of the opening ceremonies included banners made by each of the classes. I taped a few pieces of paper together for her and she started to have a meltdown because her pink marker dried out. I sent her to her room and she had an all out screaming fit. I knew she was tired but I guess I didn't realize how tired. After her 5 minute meltdown things got really quiet. She is zonked out in her bed. This is the child that hasn't napped since she was 2. I suppose running 16 laps at school will do that to you though.

Little man also crashed on the couch.
Now, hopefully they will wake up in better spirits so we can have a nice evening together!

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  1. sweet sleepers!

    i'm glad things are going better at school for her.

    sorry i haven't commented in a while - i'm definitely still here.

    LOVE the pumpkin header!

    btw, i was watching the "the next great american band" tonight and there was a guy on there talking about his 2 kids back home - and i had to look to see if it was your hubby! (it was not, in case you're wondering! ;) ) but it made me think of y'all none the less!