Monday, October 29, 2007

Where do balloons go? To Party with Squirrels of Course!

I have a friend that hates balloons. They freak her out and any time her kids are given one as soon as they get outside she has her kids send them to Jesus. Now we love balloons in our house. We have a difficult time actually getting rid of them because the helium goes away but they don't actually deflate. (They make great indoor tennis balls with paper plate rackets.) Usually I wait until Munchkin is at school and then I will pop them and throw them away.

Yesterday we were at another fall festival and each of the kids got a balloon. Munchkins was purple and Little Mans was green. One of the prizes Munchkin picked was a pink balloon that was going to have to be blown up.
As she was playing another game her purple balloon flew away. I was holding it but I didn't let it go. Apparently the people who tied it only did a half knot with slippery string. So, I did what any good mom would, I pulled the pink balloon out of the bag, blew it up and tied it to the string. She did not notice for 2 more games when she said "Hey, is that my prize balloon?" "Yep"
It wasn't until we were on our way home that she realized the purple one was gone. "Where is my purple balloon?" That was when we had to tell her it flew away. She took it much better than we expected. "Oh, Ok"

We were having a very nice walk, Little Man kept pretending to be blown away by the wind with his green balloon. All of a sudden a gust caught his balloon and it tore away from his bag that it was tied to. Once again, half knot, slippery string, not a good combination. He was very upset, especially since it taunted us by blowing sideways first and then completely out of reach. We watched it fly about 50 ft where it got stuck in a tree. The most logical thing we could say was "That was nice of you to share your balloon. Now the squirrel's can have a fun party tonight." Hey, it calmed him down!

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  1. Ooh, great cover! Isn't it amazing how creative we can be regarding keeping heartbreak away from our babes? McKinley is freaked out by balloons too - used to love 'em but one flew away from us getting in the car at Publix, now she won't have anything to do with 'em. I couldn't even have any at her birthday party! We tried to get her over it by buying some for Chris' birthday and taking them to his office - she FREAKED OUT the entire time I was holding them. The poor Publix lady had to wait for me to take McKinley to the car and bring 'em out herself to put in the back. I carried them as far out from my body and her clinging to me as I could as we walked into his office in a panic just to get rid of 'em!