Saturday, October 13, 2007

Southern or Country

Before I moved to the south from California I knew that we would be headed into a land of a different accent. I didn't realize though that there is Southern and there is Country. It seems like if someone says you are country that you are backwoods kinda folks. But Southern is a little more high society. The farther out you get into the sticks the thicker the accent. My little area of town that I live in is not real southern. There are quite a few neighbors from California so the accents are not very thick. My daughter on occasion sounds a little country. Today we had our yard sale (made about $120 Yeah!). Our next door neighbors have some banana trees that they take in every year. I heard this phrase about 8 times today.

"Weyul, da gum! I din know dos banana plants growed bananas!"

It was like country bumpkins go to the big city day in my neighborhood. I love hearing the different accents around me. One of the big things I miss about California is the diversity of the languages and people. But, on yard sale day in Tennessee I can go out and hear some country!


  1. Uhm, country as cornbread right here! And my accent gets thicker when I get around my Granny. McKinley for sure is a little country girl, stretching out 1 syllable words into 3, that's my girl!

  2. Well gauuuuuuleeeee! I din know thayut neither! ;-p