Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mamas intuition does it again

Yesterday Little Man woke up with a really stuffy nose, I mean the poor child could hardly breathe. I gave him some children's sudafed E and took off for Munchkins school. Bobby called me about 5 minutes later to tell me he had never seen cold medicine work so fast. One minute Little Man was at the top of the steps whining and crying because he didn't feel good, the next he was down the stairs running around laughing and doing jumping jacks. Woo hoo!

Anyway, this morning he told me his ear hurt. He didn't have a fever but was still stuffy. I just knew he had an ear infection. Have you ever procrastinated taking your kid to the Dr because you thought they would laugh you out of the room because your child is "just suffering from a virus and there is nothing we can do!"
There have been times when I have skipped the Dr in favor of home remedies, even with a fever. Don't get me wrong I love our Dr but we just don't want to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of other sick kids to be told its a virus.

We opted for the Minute Clinic today because I had other errands to run and had to be back at school to have lunch with Munchkin. He has a pretty serious infection in his left ear and a little redness in his right.
I hate that Little Man is sick but I am glad I was right. It made me feel like a good mom to actually know that it was more serious than just a virus. It makes some of my bad mommy moments feel a little less relevant.


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    You are a very, very, good mom!
    Love from your mommy.

  2. Is Little Man feeling better?