Saturday, October 06, 2007

Feeling better, feeling worse and more tears

Little Man is feeling better. The antibiotics kicked in and his nose is hardly even running anymore. However, I now have a cold. No fever just runny nose and a slight cough. I ran to the drug store and picked up vitamin C and Cold Eaze throat thingies. Hopefully this yuck will go away quickly!

Munchkin was so close to getting to build a new Build A Bear but there were more tears Friday morning when I dropped her off. She was fine getting out of the car but as she ran across the grass she turned around in tears and ran back. She said her tummy hurt. I am guessing the Cinnamon Rolls we had for breakfast may have been the culprit... So, we are going to try again next week.

I think we are headed to a Pumpkin Patch today. I went with my MOPS group yesterday and took Little Man. He was a crankypants pretty much the entire time. Maybe he will do better today... we'll see. Munchkin gets to go to a different patch on a field trip but Bobby and I want to take both kids together. So, we will probably pick up our big pumpkin today! Hopefully I can get some pictures up here soon!


  1. you may also want to try some Claritin D or some other antihistamine/decongestant combo. since we haven't ahd much rain nor a freeze yet the ragweed is out of control. We're seeing the effects in out family too! Have fun at the pumpkin patch :)

  2. I tried Claritin, It didn't seem to help much. :( That is ok though I am feeling better today....aside from the caffiene headache that started this afternoon. That is bing remedied right now though!

  3. When I feel it "coming on" I take some garlic pills, they say it boosts your immune system. And drink lots of OJ which is not a norm for me. Until this pregnancy I had fended off "the yuck" several times with my little home remedy. Hope you feel better!