Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Customer Service.....Or Lack There of and Interviews

Back in my day.....
Seriously! I worked at Burger King when I was 14, then again when I was 16. Then again when I was 19. I also worked at Gitano Factory Outlet Store, Port O'Subs, and Payless Shoe Source. Maybe it is a personality thing but I would have never dared to have less than the best customer service skills possible. Or, maybe I was trained right I don't know. It never occurred to me to just be plain rude to customers, take forever with an order, ignore them, or not give an explanation if something wasn't going as fast as it should. The first Burger King I worked at the managers would always say "You got time to lean, you got time to clean!" We would be out cleaning tables, mopping floors, or shining something.

The other night some friends met us for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were happy to go there because there was a game on that the other family wanted to see and the food is usually pretty good. We should have known from the second we walked up to the podium to be seated that we should have gone somewhere else. The girl disappeared as soon as she saw us. When she finally came back she was nice enough and took us to a booth big enough to accommodate the 8 of us. We sat down at 10 after 7. We did not leave until around 8:30. After finally bringing our sodas and taking our order she was gone for an extremely long time. Our friend came back from the bathroom to report how disgusting it was and that the worker had not washed his hands. Our food finally arrived at 7:58. There was no salsa for the chips, no one offered refills on drinks. Poor Bobby spent the evening running back and forth to get stuff for us. I will admit it was slightly busy but no one was getting their food. There was no explanation offered though, no I'm sorry we are waiting on one item of food, no I'm sorry we had to go catch the buffalo and rip it wings off before frying them, no we are extremely busy so the kitchen is really backed up.
The two redeeming things for the entire night was 1) we got to hang out with some great friends and 2) there is no smoking so at least we weren't breathing second hand smoke!

Does it seem like every where you go customer service is lacking more and more? What is your worst customer service experience?

The other day I was at Kmart. I don't normally shop there mostly because it is out of the way and I don't find their prices to be any less than anywhere else. I was at customer service returning some curtains and heard the girl behind me say she was there for an interview. As I was turning I noticed she had on a skin tight belly shirt, he thong hanging out, and piercing all over the place. This might be wrong but I thought "Who on earth do you think is going to hire you dressed like that?"
I understand our culture has gotten much more casual and yes it was an interview for Kmart but come on! Would a skirt and blouse kill you for an interview? Bah! Kids these days!


  1. I've noticed this too and unfortunately I hate to say at the place I work. We have HS students come in and I have never in my life seen so much rudeness. We have to tell them to acknowledge a customer, to answer the phone, and even just to say hello. It makes my skin crawl how self centered todays youth is. Seriously they are completely content with going in, punching the time clock, and then doing absolutely nothing until it's time to go home. The real kicker is though how they complain about how much they're getting paid!!!! I really feel like one of the best things you can teach your kids is customer service skills. So does this rant now mean that I'm getting old!?!?!?!?!!

  2. Totally old Sarah!

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    More than customer service skills are needed. What we need is teaching our kids some old fashioned manners, courtesy, and respect.
    Love ya,
    And that's why you did such a good job at your jobs Karen, because I told you to be respectful and to have manners. Remember when the teacher in California thought you were being rude when you answered with "Yes Mam". I set her straight when I informed her that you had just moved from South Carolina where they taught respect for your elders!

  4. matt and i talk about this often. good grief. how hard is it?! so with ya.

  5. My neighbor and I were just talking about this the other day too. It has become ridiculous. I totally agree it has every thing to do with parenting. A lot of parents are not instilling a good work ethic in their children and respectfulness has just gone out the window. What ever happened to taking pride in your work??
    I will say that there are two places where I have always received great customer service- Starbucks (the one in Glenbrook) and Back Yard Burger.