Friday, October 26, 2007

Awards Day

Today was Awards Day at Munchkins school. A note came home in her backpack with the report card that she would be receiving one so we wanted to make sure we were there. All of us got up early so everyone could get showered or bathed and actually eat breakfast and get shoes on without rushing to the car. We got to school nice a early and all walked in together. Bobby walked Munchkin to her class while I went to the cafeteria to get seats.

Munchkin actually got two awards. The first one was for getting all E's on her report card. We knew she wouldn't get perfect attendance as she had one absence (she was very happy for a little girl in her class got $5 in the drawing for perfect attendance).

The other award was a surprise. Last summer we did the summer reading program at our local library. Well, the local womens club is donating a book in honor of each kid that did the reading program to the school library. How cool is that? The principal mutilated our last name so the first time she was called up she wasn't really sure if she was supposed to go up there.

It was fun to see her get an award today. :)

Oh, yesterday she said she was done crying before she got to her classroom and was fine the rest of the day. Today Bobby said she just went "Bye, daddy". Maybe I should have him start taking her to school....


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    That's so nice that they give awards out to the kids. I'm happy that Munchkin got some. I'm sure she really does love school.
    Love ya,

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I don't care what the doctors say....the minute a girl is born,her hormones kick into overdrive! There is no rhyme or reason...just hysterics! :-)

    Oh the joys of motherhood (especially when OUR hormones collide with our daughters hormones)!

    Karen, you are one of the best Mother's I've met! I'm serious!

    Miss you guys