Thursday, October 25, 2007

Am I a Terrible Mother?

This morning I took Munchkin to school like I normally do. She said her prayers before getting out of the car. I made the mistake of getting out of the car and going around to open the door for her. I guess I should have just opened it from the inside. She started crying and saying she wanted me to walk her in. Had we been on time and if I had been able to park in the lot that may have been possible. Today though we were late and in the second group of cars so I was parked in the circle with all the cars that were ready to pull out. I explained that I couldn't walk her in today she had to go herself and she started crying harder. The teacher that directs traffic called the principal on the walkie talkie and she came down to walk Munchkin in. As I was pulling away her hand was reached back and she was screaming. I am a horrible mother....I should have parked and walked her in. At least that is how it feels right now. She was so excited for school this morning too. She has music today and loves that, we talked about it on the way to school. Is this separation anxiety? Maybe I will call her teacher in a little while so I can make sure she is ok.


  1. All those moments of decision making.

    I am sure you're a good mother.

    Those types of situations are never easy.

  2. Thanks, I feel a little bit better this afternoon. They are never easy are they?

  3. oh, i'm so sorry. i know you're a great mama. my heart breaks for you, though.

    i have no advice... it was moments like those with a million other reasons that i chickened out and brought mine home. i don't normally comment on these posts of yours because i don't want you to think i'm judging or trying to change your mind on your decision. i know you're doing what's right. but this post made me want to hug you. i'm so sorry. i'll pray for y'all and that you'll be encouraged. you're such a great mama.

  4. Hey Karen,
    I know exactly what your talking about there was one day this week when I dropped off the girls and Lynsey was smacked against the window screaming "ma'ma, Ma'ma" as tears ran down the pane of glass. Then I dropped off Lydia who hasn't cried for me for over a year and I gave her the usual kiss good bye turned to walk away and she started running after me and the teacher grabbed her and she was running in the air trying to get to me. Those type of mornings are really tough. But I always try to remember as I walk head down back to my desk they love school, they love being there some weekends Lydia is even sad she can't go to school and see her friends. And the great thing is teachers are trained to handle these types of situations and they find a new toy or new fun activity and our kids are over thinking about us within minutes as we continue to dwell on it and worry the rest of the day. What I think is most important to remember in reading your blog is that you said after she said her prayers she got out of the car. So she was already reminded that she was equipped with the armor of God and knowing that can get her through any day. ~Christy

  5. Thank you Suzanne and Christy for your comments. :) I appreciate everything you are both saying.
    I did wonder when I posted what my homeschooling friends and family would have to say. My sister homeschools too. :) I know you are not judging and are being encouraging! :) Ah Christy, with 3 of them going through it I know you're right too. They do know how to distract them and move them onto something else. Munchkin was fine before she got to her class.