Friday, September 07, 2007

Magic Touch......or Not

So, we bought the Durango back in June. It has been a pretty good truck so far but has had a few problems. The brakes went out, we needed a new battery (that was rusted into the truck), now it needs a new starter or something along those lines. It seems like every time I drive one of our vehicles something new goes wrong with it. The Honda, which is a year older than the Durango got new brakes, new tires and a new axle a couple of months ago. The air conditioner doesn't work too well which has been really handy for Bobby to drive to work in 110 degree weather.
Today I had to drive about 30 miles to go to a preview class for My-Gym. Angela went with me and then we went to My Friends Place for lunch. I have been in the Honda the last few days due to the slightly cooler weather and the starter issue in the Durango. I noticed a strange noise on my way home from Curves and told Bobby about it. It seemed to get worse on the way down to the class and even worse on my way to lunch. I decided I should call my local Firestone and ask if I could get the car in. The guy told me if it was making a weird noise I should take it to the closest Firestone and see if it was safe to drive.
The guys were great and came right out to check it out. After turning the car on for a moment they turned it off and said I should definitely not drive it the 30 miles back home. Apparently my water pump went out. Yeah hurray.
I called Bobby who came and picked me up as soon as he could and then we headed home to get Munchkin from school.
If it is not one thing it is another...oh yeah did I mention we are waiting on about 2 weeks worth of checks that we were expecting 2 weeks ago. grr...

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