Saturday, September 01, 2007


So, when I was growing up until I was about 10 my father smoked in the house, in the car, any place he could. My grandmother also smoked, she was hooked to an oxygen tank for the last years of her life. We had to sit in the smoking section at restaurants because the smokers had to smoke wherever we went. I was "that kid" that came to school oblivious to the fact that I smelled like an ashtray. It was normal to have smoke everywhere and in everything. When I was in 7th grade I stole a pack of my fathers cigarettes, smoked 2 of them and gave them away to someone else who actually thought it was cool to smoke. It didn't take with me and for that I am extremely thankful.
Two of Bobby's grandparents also dies from smoking related illnesses.

I don't remember how old I was when the smoking in public places ban went into effect in California but it was so nice to walk into a restaurant and not have to have smoke blown in my face, or walk through clouds of smoke on the way to our table, or mock how the smoking and non smoking sections were partitioned by nothing.
My mom stopped letting my father smoke in the house after he came back from a military assignment and we had had the joy of clean air in our house for several months.

Bobby and I moved here 6 years ago from our smoke free paradise. The shock of being asked smoking or non basically stopped us in our tracks as we said "What?" I know I may be a liberal fruitcake on this one but I almost jumped for joy when I saw this Workplace Smoking Ban on the government web page....yes I realize I have been living in a cave and this was signed in June but it is not October yet and I am on top of it!

I do not want to offend anyone, I in fact hate confrontation. I have friends that smoke and if you are reading this please know I love you. I respect that you can decide for yourself if you want to smoke or not. It has just felt like Tennessee has been so far behind on this particular issue and we are finally catching up.

So, after October first anyone want to go out to eat with us? :)


  1. hey, i'm just now getting to catch up on commenting (read: baby is not in my arms!) so i left you a few comments on the previous posts!

  2. Craig and I want to!!! But you might need to give us a couple of days head start!