Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dr visit

Well, I took Munchkin to the Dr today to see about her tummy ache. She has complained about her stomach hurting for quite awhile but it has been much more constant the last couple of weeks. The Dr did a throat culture, a urinalysis and check her tummy to see if anything was swollen. She looks good, no hernias or anything like that. They are going to let the 2 samples "cook" for a couple of days to see if anything develops. In the meantime we were given some samples of Axid (an acid reducer) to see if that helps. Anything to help her sleep and feel good about going to school!

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  1. Ashley11:41 AM

    Seriously...I was the SAME way in K/1st grade. I even had to drink that AWFUL berium stuff (whatever it's called) and have a scope. Mine was just from nerves. I couldn't sleep, would throw up...all that stuff. It just took time for me to get comfortable again. It may not be medical...she might just need time and reassurance.