Friday, September 28, 2007

Bribery seems to be working

So there were no tears yesterday at drop off and only the faintest hint that there might be some this morning. At the first waver in the voice I said "Want sum gum?" Which got a nice smile and a vigorous nod of the head. Munchkin wanted me to walk to the door with her this morning so I took the wipe she washed the strawberries off her face with, with me so I could take her gum before going through the door.

Apparently, we are not the only ones trying the bribery tactic. We saw one of Munchkins friends at her car so we went over so the two girls could walk in together. The mom asked if Munchkin was allowed to have McDonald's. I said yes and she said that she had just told her daughter that she would bring her a happy meal if she would walk in with no tears. If they both went in together she would bring one for each of them. So, Both girls are getting chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch. Just for the record, I did pack a lunch that was healthy and nutritious. Who doesn't like a treat of McD's at school though!

Bobby is taking Munchkin to the Build A Bear Workshop today to pick-up Princess Ballerinas costume. She did great and that was one of the motivating factors was getting to go shop.

Maybe we are over this hump....keep praying please!! :)

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