Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Party

Last week was a busy one... I think I may have mentioned that though. So far we have been to 2 birthday parties since school started. They have been fun for me partially because I am getting to know some of the other parents from Munchkins school. For this party there were 5 kids from Munchkins class. They had a blast. It was a My Little Pony party. When we got there each of the kids painted a pony suncatcher, then played pin the emblem on the pony. Munchkin was so close then at the last second moved about 10 inches higher to place her sticker. Can't say I was disappointed that she didn't get the giant sugar stick that was the prize. ;-p
She did get a really good whack on the pony pinata though! She was the first to give it a visible wound. Once it burst open the poor birthday girl was shoved out of the way as the bigger kids all dove for the candy.
Munchkin always cracks me up. You would think any child of mine would get as much candy as they can. Not her, she was really happy to get all of the fun foam stickers that came flying out.

After the party we went to Bar-B-Cutie for dinner and then Rox took us to the airport to fly to Colorado. What a fun day! :)

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silly me said...

we had our own foam sticker issues this week!

colorado?! i hope you have an awesome time!!

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