Thursday, September 27, 2007

A better start

OK, so we were running a little behind this morning...but not bad. It is also pouring down rain here. Munchkin was pretty excited because she got to use an umbrella to get to the car. She hopped right in so we could run through McD's and get some breakfast.
As we sat and ate I asked if she was sometimes sad because Little Man got to stay home with me and she was at school all day. Her answer was yes. So, I tried to explain to her that she stayed home with me all by herself for her first 2 years. Plus she is a big girl and gets to learn all kinds of new things. We said prayers before she got out of the car and she was happy. She gave me a kiss when I opened her door and said she would try to have a good day...with a smile on her face. She kind of had to run because it was sprinkling at that point but even turned and waved close to the door. Did we pass through a phase or is the bribery of a new outfit for her bear what made her happy? Oh yeah, we also talked about doing a mommy daughter dance class. I think she might want to do that...

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