Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where have we been?

I have actually gotten this question a few times over the last couple of weeks. I was kind of surprised actually because I really didn't think we would be missed. That statement is not a bitter one it is just a fact of life in a mega church.

Bobby and I started going to Longhollow Baptist* 6 years ago when we moved here from California. After trying several churches even further away from us that didn't quite "fit" I walked into Family Christian Store and asked the girl behind the counter if she knew of any great churches. She proceeded to tell me about Longhollow. I asked about the music. It was contemporary which we like. I asked about a young married class even though we had been married for 3 years already. Her dad taught it. Those were really the things, in addition to sound biblical teaching, that we wanted in a church. We have zero family here and were pretty much friends with the band we moved out here with.

The first Sunday we went Julie Kendall was so excited to see us. Jessica (the girl from the bookstore and her daughter) had told her and Craig all about us. Me met a bunch of really welcoming loving people that day. After Sunday School we went to lunch with Craig and Julie, Chris and Kim, and Bill and Melanie. It was the start of some really good friendships.
Our Sunday School class continued to grow. New people moved in and became like family to us. Soon our class was huge and it was determined there was a need for our age group to have a class at the other hour. So, our class pretty much split in half. It wasn't bad it just was.

Both Bobby and I have been involved in some volunteer capacity or another for several years. But, we have been feeling a nudge for awhile that it is time for us to move on. So, each of us stepped out of our roles at church to rest and pray about what and where we are supposed to be.
Part of this has to do with our 5 year old that just started Kindergarten. We live in a different county than where we go to church. As much as we love the kids programs and the people that run them, if she is going to be involved in any kind of programs during the week she needs to be close to home so she can be in bed by a reasonable hour. Also, all vacations are on different schedules plus, I want her to go to school with kids that she goes to church with. I know she is in Kindergarten now but I would love for there to be some accountability there as she gets older.

The last few weeks we have not been "in" church due to family visits and that kind of thing but I think we are ready to start looking again. There is a great discussion about being "in" church over at Joyfulchaos too but that is an entirely different discussion.
We want to be where God wants us to be. That could mean we will still be at Longhollow in the future or we may find a new church home. Those of you that read this blog are probably friends of ours and we will keep in touch the same way we always have. Plus, if you invite us to hang out we are always up for that!
So, that is where we have been. Praying, evaluating, searching.

*If you live in Sumner county or close to Longhollow I highly recommend it, it is a wonderful church with solid teachers!


  1. I know I have had tough things to say about being "in" church, but it is exciting to see and hear God working in your lives. You can never go wrong following Him, and since He lives in our hearts, then we oft times can find him there! Love you guys and keep pressing on!

  2. i loved this post. i know i'm not there, but i liked getting to know you better through this.

    (and thanks for the linky love!)