Monday, August 27, 2007


is potty training a 3 year old with ACC.
I am sure it is difficult to potty train little boys anyway but add to it the need for extra repetition and you have a really irritating situation. We know that he will work and work and it won't be a gradual understanding, one of these days it will just click and he will get it.
My poor little guy had had to go #2 for 3 days but he won't. We spent and hour and a half last night on the potty trying to go. We spent another hour and a half on the potty today which culminated with him going pee on the carpeted floor of my office. AAaaarrrgh, any tips on boy potty training would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM least your little guy will sit on the potty and try. B-man will only sit on it when fully clothed! =0) I will one day glean from your when you figure out how to potty train a boy, let me know!!!!!

    Amy B.

  2. OK, I have 2 girls, so WAY different, but having a carpet cleaning machine has been golden. I've had to clean a big pile of poo out of the carpet and I was so glad to have the machine. Kid #2 needs supervision, and I hate being in the bathroom all the time, so the potty is often in the living room. Consequently, there's been lots of tinkle on the floor. There's something to be said for Big sister who just resisted the whole thing until she said, "I don't need a pull-up anymore" at 2 1/2 and never used one again, even at night. Kids are so different...

    so, I highly recommend the steam cleaner. Good for kids, dogs, and adults on occasion.


  3. "Good for kids, dogs, and adults on occasion."

    Are you talking about the time I spilled most of a bottle of green craft paint on the office floor? Oh, that was two days ago. Oops.

  4. i don't know, girl, but i have a couple of friends with kids with special needs and i will pass this on and see if they can help.

  5. Well, I was really worried when Parker was ready to potty train about going #2. He would always run and hide when he had to go. So, the first time was really interesting. I finally convinced him to sit on the potty and play with play dough. I don't know if Ben likes to play with play dough, but it worked for Parker. It can't hurt to try, right...just don't let him throw the play dough in the potty:)