Sunday, August 19, 2007

So much for schedules!

I really thought by the second week of school we would have a fairly decent schedule. Here it is the second week and there is not a hint of a schedule in sight. I guess that just goes along with how we have been since our kids were born anyway. They have never really had a regular schedule.
Friday night was our High School Musical 2 party over at the Jacksons. The kids played all over the house and we grownups played The Wii. We were exhausted by the time we came home. Poor Munchkin already tired from the week was ready to crash.
We got to our house about 10 minutes after Bobby's brother, sister in law and their 6 kiddos got to our house. We usually see "the cousins" every Thanksgiving so it was great to see them out of that context. Bobby took 3 of the kids to the flying field Saturday morning, we played a lot of Wii, had baked ziti for dinner, and then went and played tennis at the park. They only got to stay until after lunch today and then had to hit the road. We were sad to see them go.
Not more than an hour after they left we had a birthday party to go to. It was a surprise party and the birthday girl was pretty surprised. We are now home, the kiddos are in bed (actually they did get there by bedtime), and we are getting ready for school:week #2.
It has been so hot here though that all of the schools are only having a half day. I am not sure why...maybe the buses are too hot or it is too hot for parents waiting for their kids, and I know they can't play outside. So, I am happy because I get my Munchkin home for a little earlier. Yeah! :) But, there is that non-schedule thing again. That is OK, it will teach her flexibility right?

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  1. On the contrary, you have the "non-schedule" schedule. It makes perfect sense to me