Thursday, August 02, 2007

Romanos Macaroni Grill

Bobby and I both like to go to Macaroni Grill. My mom likes to take us there because Bobby loves it so. So, we went for dinner last night. Now, as much as I like Macaroni Grill I have never had a dish that said to me "Eat me every time you come here because if you don't you will feel like you missed out!" Last night that changed. They have a new menu item called Chicken Marsala Ravioli. Oh..My..Gravy(to quote Rachael Ray)!! If you are going to this restaurant sometime in the near future. Get this dish you will not be disappointed. Yum! I have found my dish.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    YUM!!! I love Mac. Grill too. My favorite, get-it-everytime dish there is the Balsamic Glazed Chicken. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!