Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Horrible, Terrible, Awesome, Incredible, Very Good Day

Yesterday was an adventure. It started out bad, got worse, much better, a little worse and then got oh so much better. You know it is not a good sign when you wake up and the cat has peed on your shirt.
So, occasionally we got through these periods where money is tight. This week has been one of them so Kitty Litter was not high on the priority list. The litter was clean but there was very little in the box so our lovely cat decided that Bobby's shirt that missed the hamper looked like a good litter box. After I got out of the shower I ran and threw a load of clothes in the washer that included the shirt, got both kids dressed as it was our first annual take your kids to work day, fed the kids, found out that the theme for bring your kids to work was Hawaiian, changed the kids shirts, and then thought I would go brush my hair. Bobby got the kids in our truck.....and it wouldn't start. My mom and I had planned on going to Starbucks, having a leisurely breakfast, and then going to get a pedicure. We still managed to do that but first I had to take Bobby and the kids downtown.
I do have to say the manicure and spa pedicure with my mom were the highlight of my morning. It was lovely!
After getting ourselves nice and pampered we drove down to Cool Springs to pick up some pictures and then ate at a fun little place called "My Friends Place". Before we got back on the freeway Bobby called to see where we were because he really wanted us to pick up the kids at that point.
Once we managed to make it home we tried the truck to see if it would start and it did so mom followed me to the shop to get it looked at. Finally we got home for a few minutes. I got ready to go. Mom was babysitting for us last night and I got to go on a date with my hubby! Right before I was going to leave I noticed Kelsey (our dog) had a large lump on her stomach next to her incision. (We got her fixed on Monday). I called the vet who told me I could bring her in today at 9:20.

Now for the best part (aside from the spa pedicure and manicure). Bobby and I went to dinner with Ron and Angela at Amerigo's downtown. Then we headed out to the John Mayer concert. Can I just say INCREDIBLE!!! We got there a little after James Morrison started playing and we were all pretty impressed with him. Ben Folds played next. We saw him last year with Weezer but he was just as good this time. He has a horrible potty mouth but he is an amazing musician. There were some lovely little co-eds behind us that thought it would be a good idea to talk about their test the day before throughout his set. I might have smacked them if I was a little bit meaner.
Finally John Mayer took the stage. What an awesome guitar player he is. The show had just the right energy, the musicians on the stage all were exemplary and the stage setup was really cool. We had so much fun with Ron and Angela. One funny moment was at dinner when I looked across the table and realized I don't remember the last time we were on a double date without kids. I didn't have to say "Get in your seat", "1....2.....get in your seat", "Yes, after you eat you can play in the play area" even one time!
We have had the tickets to this show for months it was so gratifying to finally get to see a show we have been anticipating for so long!
So, even though the day was rough, there were bright spots and ended on a high note!

This is me giving John Mayer a little kiss and me with Ben Fold!


Anonymous said...

YES....The concert was AWESOME! We were there with Dennis and Jessica Russell, friends from Springfield, and ran into another couple we knew. It was a blast. Except for the two really drunk chicks in front of us. I was worried about them! We saw John (we're on first name basis after paying for two shows this year) in Vegas and it was awesome there too. From the looks of your cameral, you weren't far from us. We were in section 116. Aaron and I stayed at the Hilton that night and enjoyed a peaceful sleep without kids to wake us.

Rock on! I always knew we were supposed to be friends! We have impeccable taste....not sure about my spelling on that...but nonetheless...WE'RE COOL!


PrincessKacey said...

Ok, compared to Laura above, I am so not cool. I haven't gone to a concert in so long, I don't remember. A hotel? by ourselves? Um, maybe we'll converse again somewhere around 2012. Yesterday was spent with the carpet cleaner out cleaning pee out of the carpet from my almost 2 year old toddler who doesn't want to use a diaper but who also can't quite make it to the kiddo potty. My only claim to fame? I used to be a little bit cool. That's it. Now, I wear pink stretchy capris at 11:00 am and lament my expanding hips.

OK, pity party over, I'm just jealous of your fun!


suzanne said...

ooh, i'm so jealous of the concert! you just named 3 bands i absolutely love!!

yeah, i'm not cool anymore either, but i'm holdin' out hope!! and livin' vicariously through you for now!

(and i SO understand the kitty litter not a priority statement!)

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