Thursday, August 30, 2007

Munchkins first presentation

Munchkin has her first show and tell tomorrow. We practiced on video so she would know what she wants to say.

Where have we been?

I have actually gotten this question a few times over the last couple of weeks. I was kind of surprised actually because I really didn't think we would be missed. That statement is not a bitter one it is just a fact of life in a mega church.

Bobby and I started going to Longhollow Baptist* 6 years ago when we moved here from California. After trying several churches even further away from us that didn't quite "fit" I walked into Family Christian Store and asked the girl behind the counter if she knew of any great churches. She proceeded to tell me about Longhollow. I asked about the music. It was contemporary which we like. I asked about a young married class even though we had been married for 3 years already. Her dad taught it. Those were really the things, in addition to sound biblical teaching, that we wanted in a church. We have zero family here and were pretty much friends with the band we moved out here with.

The first Sunday we went Julie Kendall was so excited to see us. Jessica (the girl from the bookstore and her daughter) had told her and Craig all about us. Me met a bunch of really welcoming loving people that day. After Sunday School we went to lunch with Craig and Julie, Chris and Kim, and Bill and Melanie. It was the start of some really good friendships.
Our Sunday School class continued to grow. New people moved in and became like family to us. Soon our class was huge and it was determined there was a need for our age group to have a class at the other hour. So, our class pretty much split in half. It wasn't bad it just was.

Both Bobby and I have been involved in some volunteer capacity or another for several years. But, we have been feeling a nudge for awhile that it is time for us to move on. So, each of us stepped out of our roles at church to rest and pray about what and where we are supposed to be.
Part of this has to do with our 5 year old that just started Kindergarten. We live in a different county than where we go to church. As much as we love the kids programs and the people that run them, if she is going to be involved in any kind of programs during the week she needs to be close to home so she can be in bed by a reasonable hour. Also, all vacations are on different schedules plus, I want her to go to school with kids that she goes to church with. I know she is in Kindergarten now but I would love for there to be some accountability there as she gets older.

The last few weeks we have not been "in" church due to family visits and that kind of thing but I think we are ready to start looking again. There is a great discussion about being "in" church over at Joyfulchaos too but that is an entirely different discussion.
We want to be where God wants us to be. That could mean we will still be at Longhollow in the future or we may find a new church home. Those of you that read this blog are probably friends of ours and we will keep in touch the same way we always have. Plus, if you invite us to hang out we are always up for that!
So, that is where we have been. Praying, evaluating, searching.

*If you live in Sumner county or close to Longhollow I highly recommend it, it is a wonderful church with solid teachers!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

6 nieces and nephews

Bobby's brother and sister in law were at our house last weekend with our 6 nieces and nephews. It was such a fun visit. Here are all 6 of the kids!

Monday, August 27, 2007


is potty training a 3 year old with ACC.
I am sure it is difficult to potty train little boys anyway but add to it the need for extra repetition and you have a really irritating situation. We know that he will work and work and it won't be a gradual understanding, one of these days it will just click and he will get it.
My poor little guy had had to go #2 for 3 days but he won't. We spent and hour and a half last night on the potty trying to go. We spent another hour and a half on the potty today which culminated with him going pee on the carpeted floor of my office. AAaaarrrgh, any tips on boy potty training would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Munchkin come here!

Daddy "Look there are pig feet in the meat case, what do you think if that?"
Munchkin "Wow! Maybe that is why they call it the Piggly Wiggly!"
Mommy "Would you like to have those for dinner?"
Munchkin "Oh, Yes!"
Mommy makes a gag face.....

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I got to sleep in this morning. Bobby took the kids out for breakfast and let me sleep. I know 8:41 doesn't sound like sleeping in but for us it is. The last 2 weeks of getting up at 6 have been brutal for me. What a wonderful hubby I have that let me sleep this morning! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eye pain

Ang, this one is especially for you. So, do you ever just get random pain in your eye. I don't normally. I usually get headaches behind my eyes but not so much in my eye. That is until tonight when my lovely daughter said "Mommy!", I turned my head and she shoved a just past its prime almost to mushy to eat banana right in my right eye. Ew. I suppose she didn't really shove it, I probably ran into it. I think she was showing me that she had peeled it herself.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Standard School Attire Tip

The other day I was talking to Bobby's sister in law Teri about school uniforms. She has several kids that have had uniforms before so she is a pretty good resource for this. I made a comment that some of the kids with special needs and the younger kids are having a hard time because of the belt issue. Anything you wear with belt loops has to have a belt. She said "Take the belt loops off". Well, there you go. Standard School Attire tip number 1. If you don't want your child to deal with belts take the belt loops off.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So much for schedules!

I really thought by the second week of school we would have a fairly decent schedule. Here it is the second week and there is not a hint of a schedule in sight. I guess that just goes along with how we have been since our kids were born anyway. They have never really had a regular schedule.
Friday night was our High School Musical 2 party over at the Jacksons. The kids played all over the house and we grownups played The Wii. We were exhausted by the time we came home. Poor Munchkin already tired from the week was ready to crash.
We got to our house about 10 minutes after Bobby's brother, sister in law and their 6 kiddos got to our house. We usually see "the cousins" every Thanksgiving so it was great to see them out of that context. Bobby took 3 of the kids to the flying field Saturday morning, we played a lot of Wii, had baked ziti for dinner, and then went and played tennis at the park. They only got to stay until after lunch today and then had to hit the road. We were sad to see them go.
Not more than an hour after they left we had a birthday party to go to. It was a surprise party and the birthday girl was pretty surprised. We are now home, the kiddos are in bed (actually they did get there by bedtime), and we are getting ready for school:week #2.
It has been so hot here though that all of the schools are only having a half day. I am not sure why...maybe the buses are too hot or it is too hot for parents waiting for their kids, and I know they can't play outside. So, I am happy because I get my Munchkin home for a little earlier. Yeah! :) But, there is that non-schedule thing again. That is OK, it will teach her flexibility right?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


OK, so a spot just opened up for Little Man at a Mothers Day Out Program. It would be on Monday and Wednesday and would be $80 a month. He would get to socialize with other kids, learn a bunch, and get to know a classroom. I got a call about 20 minutes before that to let me know that My Gym is opening in our area soon. It would be $60 a month with a structured play time once a week and an open play time once a week. It would focus on building social skills with other kids, work on gross and fine motor skills along with listening to directions.
He will also be taking swim lessons once a week and if he doesn't go to MDO will be with other kids in Moppets while I am in MOPS.
Help! I don't know what to do! What would you do with your kid!

Poor Little Man

He is so sad that Munchkin is not home. :-( We had to run out to pick up some doggie chews and when we got back he asked if sis was home. I had to tell him no, she was at school. The poor forlorn look on his little face was almost too much.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What am I going to do?

What am I going to do with myself now that Munchkin is in school? Little Man will keep me busy for sure but he still naps. I guess my house will be cleaner now...if I don't fritter away my time on the Internet. Maybe my scrapbooks will get caught up...unless I go overboard on cleaning. Maybe I can meet friends with other little ones for coffee.....unless I am too busy scrapping. I think I need a schedule.
It is almost (not nearly) like when I had Munchkin and had company for 6 weeks then everyone left at the same time including Bobby. I had no idea what to do with myself or an infant. Little Man and I have never had any time to spend just together. I am excited about it and all the new things he will learn and the time I get to spend with him. We have already read all of our library books, gone to Target to pick up the High School Musical 2 soundtrack, and had 2 sword fights. He is so used to having Munchkin around I think he will be extra excited when she gets home from school. Maybe they won't fight as much since they will be so glad to see each other.
OK, off I go to clean the down stairs bathroom. Little Man is napping so I don't think I have to worry about red chalk all over my living room furniture.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a week!

A few highlights with more details to come:
Last Monday - Wednesday I was in Asheville, NC with my mom and the kiddos. Bobby stayed home partially because he really needed to work and because his band got a last minute concert.

Thursday we recuperated from our trip.

Friday was Kindergarten Orientation. It was so much fun to meet Munchkins teacher, see her class and find out more about the school. I can't believe my baby is starting Kindergarten.

Saturday my mom babysat for us pretty much all day. Bobby and I went and saw Harry Potter and The Bourne Ultimatum. Both were great. It was an afternoon well spent together in the nice air conditioned theater.

Today we spent the entire day in Murfreesboro at the Stones River Battlefield, The Mellow Mushroom and letterboxing. It was exhausting but fun. Munchkin got sworn in as a Jr. Ranger after completing her little ranger activities. As soon as I get pictures off my camera I will post some. Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten so I am sure I will be in tears and have plenty more pictures to share!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am thinking about changing my blog address and the title. What ideas do you have? Put them in the comments. I will pick the top 3 titles and we can vote from there. Obviously the address has to be one that is available.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Romanos Macaroni Grill

Bobby and I both like to go to Macaroni Grill. My mom likes to take us there because Bobby loves it so. So, we went for dinner last night. Now, as much as I like Macaroni Grill I have never had a dish that said to me "Eat me every time you come here because if you don't you will feel like you missed out!" Last night that changed. They have a new menu item called Chicken Marsala Ravioli. Oh..My..Gravy(to quote Rachael Ray)!! If you are going to this restaurant sometime in the near future. Get this dish you will not be disappointed. Yum! I have found my dish.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Mama

Got here last night after flying for 12 hours from California. Actually she flew into Dallas/Ft Worth and knew she had a layover. Later she called and thought they might be delayed because she could see lightening strikes outside. She called again around 6 and said they had been sitting on the runway for an hour. She finally made it just before 8. Both kids were so excited to see Gwama!
She is here for 14 days so I am sure I will have plenty of fun things to share! :)