Sunday, July 01, 2007

A trip to the beach

I can't believe I am posting a picture of me in my swimsuit but here it is. On Sunday of our trip we decided to go to Whittier Area Community Church. Bobby's moms cousins husband is the pastor there. I suppose you could also say his 2nd cousin in law but it is kind of funny to make it as complicated as possible! Munchkin was a little out of character. She is never weird about meeting new people but she was clinging to my leg and being really whiney. Once I told her she would have to go to big church with us she cut it out and was completely fine once she got into her class. There was a guest speaker (Dr. John Jenkins) who was fantastic. He was funny though because he told us repeatedly that he doesn't like to be told what to do but then told us we needed to be encouraging him by shouting "Amen" or "Preach it brotha!" His message was about counting your hard times as blessings as well as the good times. We loved it.
After the service we talked to Bill and Arlie for a little bit and the kids got to meet one of their third cousins. Had I been thinking I would have pulled out the camera for that moment as well.
We headed out to Ruby's for lunch and then hit the beach. We only had to turn around once to find a parking spot not too far from the sand so that was good.

I was a little nervous about how Little Man would react to the sand. I know we had a break through a couple of weeks ago but this is different. There were waves and the sand was hot. My apprehension was short lived though because as soon as we got to the sand he took off his shoes and walked right in. He put them back on fairly quickly though because the sand was pretty hot.

Once the three of us grownups had managed to pretty much soak our clothes we ditched them on the beach and got in the water with the kids. Munchkin was so excited to get out there. Aunt Roxanna took her out first and helped her jump over the waves.

Uncle Joe stayed on the beach for a few minutes with Little Man. He finally got him in so he could put his feet in. I wasn't as nice. I dunked him down to his waist. But he was laughing so I didn't feel bad about it. I love this picture of Little Man. He is looking at the ocean, I wonder what he was thinking.
Not too long after we got in the water we found a little sand crab . Both kids were so excited to see it and Munchkin even chased it around for a little bit. After we wore Joe and Rox out a little bit the two of them went and swam together for a few minutes while I tried to get at least a little color on my horrendously white legs. I am surprised I didn't blind anyone... A favorite activitywas looking for shells in the sand. Of course Munchkin made fast friends with the little girl playing behind us while Little Man coated his face in sand.
I personally think this pic of Roxanna should be one of those pictures you get with the frame. She was so fun to hang out with this week. We don't get to really hang out so we got to know each other a lot better.
Joe played a lot with Little Man. At first we couldn't figure out what he was doing but when we did Joe joined right in. Little Man would run to the edge of where the wet sand was and then run away. He was running away from the waves but they weren't even coming that high. It was really funny and both of them had fun "running from the waves". After tiring ourselves out on the beach we went to the little playground and let the kids run wild. Little Man climbed right up on the playground equipment and then slid down the rock wall. Now, I am not sure about you but sliding down a rock wall does not sound all that comfortable to me.
As we were leaving we saw a little palm tree and Munchkin wanted me to take her picture by it. When we arrived in California and were leaving the airport Munchkin said "I didn't know they had Hawaii trees here!" To which Uncle Joe said "Why don't you say palm tree every time you see one." So from the back seat we hear "Palm tree, palm tree, palm tree, palm tree, palm tree....palm tree, palm tree." It was very funny. She was intrigued.

Our last stop of the day was at Wahoos restaurant at South Coast Plaza. I had chicken teriyaki that was really yummy, Munchkin and Little Man were supposed to shared a kids shrimp bowl but she slept through dinner. She was actually asleep in the stroller with my camera bag strapped around her head so she wouldn't get a sore neck. Matt and Marci met us for dinner. It was so good to see both of them.

Exhausted we finally headed for home where Munchkin finally woke up and got to eat the rest of the shrimp and rice.
I really miss California sometimes. Being out at the beach reminded me why I love it out there.


Kim T said...

Sounds like this was a wonderful trip full of memories and incredible scrapbook pages to remember by. Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

I totally understand missing the west! I'm glad you and the kids had such a good time! I just love reading about your life Karen!!!

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