Friday, July 20, 2007

Looky, looky, looky

Who's got Cookie. Please tell me you will be singing that the rest of the day! :)
As many of you know we have a fairly serious spider problem in and under our house. The scariest of which is the Brown Recluse Spider. After finding 3 in my kitchen in the last month I called a pest control guy to come out from Cooks on the recommendation of my neighbor.

The initial inspector told me about a couple of different options. There is a specific thing they can do to force the recluses out of the walls but that means I have to declutter my house, move everything away from the walls, and move out with dog, cat, kids and husband in tow. If you have been to our house you know what kind of feat that will be. So, we decided to go with the less expensive option until we can get decluttered and save the money to do the other treatment. After crawling around under the house he came out to tell us that not only do we have brown recluses, an abundance of camelback crickets (sprickets as we like to call them), wolf spiders, and various garden spiders, we also have agressive house spiders also known as hobo spiders. At least all of these are under the house...not in the house. He told me that another guy would come out today and spray outside and spray and place traps inside.

Our new friend from Cooks came this morning amidst out pajama morning. The kiddos asked if they could stay in PJs all day and I agreed because we really don't have plans to go anywhere.
After climbing around under the house the exterminator came us to tell me that he had sprayed about 6 gallons of stuff under the house. Yep, you read that right 6 gallons. Apparently everywhere he looked he was killing something that was moving. Our crawl space is really not that big..... Most crawl spaces get about a quart.
He left me a stack of traps to place around the house. Since we have a dog, cat and kids he figured I could place them where the cat won't get stuck to them and the kids won't knock them down.
So far I am please with how it went. As long as we see fewer spiders and as long as they are under the house and not in the house we are good to go. Now, anyone want to help me declutter the house?


  1. OH girl! Get you some boxes and go to town chuckin' stuff you don't love or use! I wish I could come talk you through it! Gees Loueez, Chris Thomas would have been out of that house in about a nano-second hearing about all your critters underneath! Good luck, hope they ALL go to spider heaven today.

  2. I could not finish reading past "...Brown Reclu..." so I'm going to have to trust that what my wife says is true. I don't do spiders.

  3. oh. my. goodness!


    i don't do spiders either. i was not doing so well reading about them.

    particularly any spider called "aggressive".