Monday, July 09, 2007

At the Drive-In

That title just makes me think of the song "At the Car Wash". Are you singing it in your head now? Good! It's not just me!
A couple of weeks ago Bobby and I took the kids up to the drive in. We met Ron and Angela over at Kentucky Downs and piled into their van to head in. It is only $9 a carload and you can bring your own food in. We were pretty comfy driving in. Driving out was another story though. 3 of the 4 kiddos were crashed out in the back so I had to ride on Bobby's lap back to our car.
We got to the drive in early and ate our dinner that we brought in. I had to go to the concession stand and buy a diet coke though because my soda from McDonald's met an early unfortunate end when it crashed to the ground from the top of my car. All I am saying is it wasn't my fault!
The first feature was Ratatouille. The kiddos were intrigued. Little Man sat quietly through most of it. Munchkin and the Ballerina got to sit in the back of the van on a blanket pallet with popcorn, cotton candy and bottled water.
The second feature was Oceans 13. I missed the first bit because I had to take Munchkin potty. Once we got back to the van though she crashed. Both Ang and I had brought DVD players thinking the kids would watch another kid movie. We were wrong but we were not complaining. All of the kids went to sleep and we got to watch the second movie in peace.
This was such a fun, fairly inexpensive activity to do with friends and the kids. Next time we will bring a soccer ball or bubbles to do on the front lawn before the movie starts. It was a great night for the Drive in!

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  1. That looks like SUCH FUN and for everyone too! Perfect family double-date!