Thursday, July 12, 2007


Last night Bobby and I watched the movie Apocalypto. It was a tragic, beautiful, terrifying, disturbing, amazing, moving movie. I spent over half the movie with my hands over my mouth and at least a quarter in tears.
I don't care what people have to say about Mel Gibson this movie was really well done. The characters were real, you felt for them whether it be compassion or disgust. One thing Bobby said last night was that you watch old cowboy and indian movies and the "bad guys" are faceless, nameless savages. This movie put a face with the Mayans.
It made me think about how we view our world today. I know there are still people on the west coast that think we don't wear shoes here in Tennessee and people here that think California is just like the OC. People are alike all over our country. How do we view people in other countries? They are people with families, jobs, memories, quirks, habits, values, emotions, and customs. We have it good here in the US where we don't really have to be afraid a particular people group is going to come wipe us out. We can worship as we choose, shop where we choose with little thought about where our next meal will come from, dote on our children, pursue careers. There are so many freedoms we have that are taken for granted so often. I guess I just want to remember when I am watching the news that the soldiers in Iraq, the people in wars and conflicts are not just a faceless mass. They are individuals just like me.

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  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Good word Karen. I do not want to forget the freedom we have been given by the men that fought for us.

    Jenn Cady